Our stumble upon rising UK singer-songwriter Eugene McGuinness was ass-backwards: tipped to the vid’s charms first, did our due diligence (to the extent possible) later. Though he’s officially released nothing yet, stuff’s on the way and he’s making waves (notably playing the Introducing stage at Glasto this weekend). The track that caught us is “Monsters Under The Bed,” McGuinness showing some sonic savvy (lo-fi jangle meets full/warm kick beat) and a school-kid playfulness to the track’s paranoid romp-about (cue the flutes, the pseudo-spooky harmonies, the cartoony segues). Of course it’s easy to mine that intention after watching the clip, full of Scooby-style specter chasers and a quick nod to The Shining

The “Monsters Under The Bed” single gets a proper release on 7/2 in the UK on Double Six (a division of Domino Publishing), with a full album entitled The Early Learnings of Eugene McGuinness out 8/6. Also loving the ’60s-kissed foreboding waltz “Myrtle Parade,” which you can hear with another (“Bold Street”) at MySpace. Promising as it is, that’s all we’ve got so far. Well, those two tunes and cartoon Eugene’s uncanny likeness to that of animated Demetri Martin.

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  1. seth  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2007 0

    Very nice, catchy song. but the more important issue here is who the fuck names their child Eugene. I mean, for fuck’s sake, the world is a harsh enough place without your name being Eugene.

  2. He had me when he started singing “How fun-fucking-tabulous it is.” Fun video, fun song. I look forward to more from Mr. McGuinness.

  3. very good song.and the video is great too.
    i cant wait to hear more from him =]]

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