Where Are They Now?: One Of The Donnas

In case your teenage sister was curious, the Donnas vocalist Brett Anderson has resurfaced in the Stripminers, a band also featuring the Radishes’s Paul Stinson. As they put it, “the songs range from straight up punk-type rock to gothic, Appalachian-tinged balladry to orchestral instrumentals.” I know this isn’t saying much, but it suits her voice better than the Donnas did. Take a listen at thestripminers.com. Look for two separate albums in 2011.

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  1. I wouldn’t say ex-Donnas. The band hasn’t broken up and is currently working on a new CD to follow up on their 2009 greatest hits release.

  2. Looks like they are trying to be X (Exene Cervenka and John Doe)

  3. Yikes, the man in the reflection in the window needs to get out of that picture and into my nightmares.

    • be careful what you wish for.
      Scrote (aka The Stripminers producer & man in the reflection)

      • Nothing personal Scrote! But you must admit, lurking in window reflections is just going to startle some people, that’s all!

        I think it was Sartre who once said that the scariest thing imaginable is sitting at home on a quiet evening, alone, and looking up at the window to see another face smiling back at you…which is frightening because hell is other people, so who wants to have company bothering you when you’re trying to read a book?

        • just teasing you. :) Brett & Paul are fantastic to work with. hope you like the music. looking forward to the release of the new albums.

  4. typo- “you’re” should be “your”

  5. The Donnas are very underrated. Especially the guitar player. She shreds.

  6. Agreed. The Donnas are underrated and Brett’s vocals sound really great in this context. The twangy ballad is v. cool.

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