It’s Kind Of A Funny Story has a scene where main character Craig Gilner goes into a rock star fantasy while in music therapy class inside a mental hospital. Nurses and fellow patients, including Bobby (Zach Galifianakis) and Noelle (Emma Roberts) join him for a rendition of “Under Pressure.” Watch a clip of their fantasy sequence below:

This isn’t the first time Galifianakis has interpreted “Under Pressure.” 24Bit also had a clip of Galifianakis doing the song on his VH1 show, Late World. Also: he’s clean-shaven, which is strange:

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  1. His talk show is available (in full) online and is worth seeing.

    I saw it when it aired, and I was far to young to understand anything but I loved it and then saw him on Conan a few years later playing the piano, bearded and laughed so hard it hurt.

    The final few episodes, after Galifianakis knows the show is cancelled, are among the weirdest and funniest hours of TV I’ve ever seen.

    Also the movie’s pretty good.

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