Arcade Fire SNL Digital Short

It’s late Saturday night, so can we group liveblog this? The ScarJo/Arcade Fire combo bodes well. I’m told we should expect “We Used To Wait” and “Sprawl II.” Don’t hold me to that, “wait for it…”

Performances below via Audio Perv, along with a digital short in which Arcade Fire save the world! (The band even played a short private set in 8H post-show.)


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  1. I’m hoping to live vicariously through these comments, so please fire away.

  2. Well, one for one so far. I think Rococo and City With No Children are my favorites from the album, but these two are certainly in the conversation.

  3. I’m with you on CWNC. Mountain Beyond Mountains also a fave.

  4. Sprawl II is a great live tune and getting satellite radio play, so I’m sure it will be that one. Can’t go wrong with any Suburbs song, really.

  5. Regine’s voice doesn’t really translate well live on TV. It sounds great on the album, and I’m guessing it does live in a limited venue where everything is very loud, but on TV, it seems like the little imperfections are amplified.

    That said, it still sounded pretty good.

  6. Did I catch Nick Zinner up in the back? Also, who was next to Win?

  7. Geez, SNL averaging .1000 in suckitude for the season. Now it’s spreading to live bands. I thought the sound was very poor for both songs.

    As for the Digital Short… What was that?!

  8. I think Owen Pallett should get a shout out for being a badass with the string arrangements up there

  9. punk fuckin’ rock.

  10. For one of the ‘world’s best live bands’ they sure sound terrible live. Regine, LITERALLY cannot sing. Unbelievable, and I’m a fan of them. YIKES!

    • I have to agree with you in regards to these videos in particular, as they are quite bad, but The Arcade Fire fucking rocked when I saw them at Toronto Island. Maybe you have to be there, in person, for it to sound good?

    • i agree, it must have just been this (though i though they sounded great). Live, they are phenomenal

  11. Gotta blame the SNL sound crew for this one….

    • Seriously not SNL on this one. She’s wearing in ear monitors and sounds totally off. They should have put a doubler on her voice and some reverb to mask how terrible it sounds! I actually can’t believe they let her perform that. She’s also extremely annoying to watch.

  12. Holy guacamole I stayed home and watched it on TV and was completely underwhelmed. Sound was awful, not sure if it was the usual par for SNL or Arcade Fire. I haven’t caught them on the new LP tour but having seen them during the Funeral and Neon Bible tours I was severely disappointed!

  13. I think it seemed awkward because the stage is so small, there are a dozen of them and Win is a giant. The sound started shaky on “Sprawl II” but seemed to get better… saw them tour on the last album this summer, and they sounded great live. Not sure I’d make an SNL performance my benchmark of their abilities…

  14. I think these were just bad performances, that’s all. But hey, it happens to the best of em. Ever seen the Rolling Stones SNL from the late 70s? Awful! Keith Richards and Ron Wood can barely see straight, and Mick Jagger does the worst Mick Jagger impression I’ve ever seen.

    At least Arcade Fire and co. got to wear some pretty snazzy Tron: Legacy Limited Edition Nudie Suits.

  15. Man, what do you guys want? Perfection all the time?

    The performances sound just fine to me.

  16. These comments are interesting: I thought that The Sprawl II was the better of the two songs and I thought it was pretty good. It reminded me of the “Anything Goes” from “Temple of Doom.”

    Win Butler looks like a giant, communist bear that escaped from a circus.

  17. both vocal performances were definitely bad which is something I’ve seen/heard quite often when I have seen them live….esp. Regine…man that was a rough one.

  18. Man, is scarlett johansson good lookin’

  19. The only reason to watch this episode of SNL is that Scarlett is smokin’ hot but mostly because Arcade Fire is the musical guest

  20. I remember accidentally catching them on SNL the last time they played the show, like four years ago. We watched it in the common area at a friend’s dorm. People who hadn’t heard the album were generally turned off by the performance. Kinda a bummer, because they sound oddly weak again here when they’re so solid on record.

  21. How can you not fall in love with Regine after this? So beautiful and a great performer.

  22. Well, SNL does have notoriously bad sound. This doesn’t sound great, but some of the other performances on that show make me think they thorax-punch every performer. TV on the Radio, I think, takes the cake for worst ever.

    Phoenix, of course, wins the “best ever SNL performance” prize.

  23. Her voice sounds fine. I think they just needed some reverb on the vocals in general. They’re too dry.

  24. not sure what “bad sound” on SNL has to do with singing out of key.

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