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Could the Beatles be Ke$ha for a day after the iTunes announcement? Well, no. As of 5pm EST today the top charting Beatles song on the iTunes daily Top 200 comes in at #75, leaving Ke$ha, Katy Perry, and the Black Eyed Peas safely in the top three. The chart had a couple songs on there twice (for the same version, from the same release), so it might be a little off. But it gives you a small idea of how all of their songs would have have performed as singles — for instance, “Something” was the Harrison single from Abbey Road, not “Here Comes The Sun.” Here’s the list:

1 “Here Comes The Sun” (75)
2 “Let It Be” (77)
3 “Black Bird” (94)
4 “In My Life” (103)
5 “Come Together” (118)
6 “With A Little Help From My Friends” (122)
7 “Hey Jude” (142)
8 “Twist And Shout” (151)
9 “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” (168)
10 “I Saw Her Standing There” (174)
11 “Eleanor Rigby” (176)
12 “Yesterday” (185)
13 “A Day In The Life” (191)
14 “Help!” (196)
15 “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” (197)

In other Beatle firsts, Sir Macca will play NYC’s famous Apollo Theater (yep, for the first time) 12/13 in celebration of SIRIUS XM reaching 20 million subscribers. It’ll be broadcast to subscribers in case you can’t make it (i.e., not invited.) And launching a few weeks prior is the satellite radio’s “Band On The Run” station (classic tracks, newly discovered live performances, etc), which coincides with a remastered reissue of the classic Wings LP. Paul McCartney: COMING UP in 2010.

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  1. Interesting rankings. Would love to see the demographic breakdown on who bought, though. Grandmas?

    Meanwhile those still not playing ball with Apple are Garth Brooks. Kid Rock, Steve Miller, and AC/DC.

  2. What’s interesting here is that, at least in Norway, the albums charted way higher; with last year’s box set entering the Top 10 albums.

  3. Who buys a Beatles single? Weird.

  4. The quiet Beatle FTW!

  5. I was all prepared to buy a few songs (my MP3s are crap versions) until I saw they were selling for $1.29.

  6. Earlier, I was sort of in the “nah it’s just a ploy to make more money” camp, which I still think is true in a sense, but thanks to this news I came home from work and had a drink and listened to the Beatles. And it was good. I still have yet to find another artist from this Earth who evaporates my cynicism as quickly and completely as the Beatles.

    All You Need Is Love, kids.

  7. Now that these songs are on iTunes I can finally find out what all this Beatles hype is about.

  8. Gonna go buy me some “Hey Bulldog” and “It’s All Too Much” and I suggest you do the same.

  9. I don’t get the popularity of Here Comes The Sun. I think it’s stupid.

    Then again I don’t really like any of the songs in the top 8. From 9-15 though, it’s great.

  10. Kind of Surprised by “In my Life” being the 4th highest. I’ll probably lose tons of street-cred (gumcred?) for it but I actually had to youtube it to remember how it went… which obviously means its not on my ipod which means I should buy it on iTunes?

    Also, I’m hoping somewhere, somehow people are thinking they’re about to hear the Beatles “Here Comes the Sun” but end up with Wise Blood’s instead.
    Listen to that here if you’ve never heard it before —>

  11. I don’t know Scott…Here Comes the Sun is at #27 now, and Let it Be is sitting at #31. We’ll see. And Abbey Road has been moving up the album charts as well. This could be interesting. And ditto on that demographics thing.

  12. Are the songs on iTunes from the remastered editions?

  13. Should all of the people commenting on music not own or at least KNOW the entire Beatles catalogue? They’re still largely responsible for a lot of music today – and not just the derivative stuff.

  14. I’m Only Sleeping is and will always be my favorite Beatles song. Anyone else?

  15. Amazon has the remastered CDs on sale for $7.99. Obviously it’s an answer to iTunes and a good one at that. Why would anyone waste their money on a few singles when they can have the whole album for just a little more?

  16. These ranking match up pretty well with my top 15 Beatles songs. I love Lennon McCartneyt, but it’s pretty ironic that George wound up writing the best Beatles song.

  17. theres a new white rapper that is AWESOME! i heard he just got signed but not sure… check out his new song here its already getting radio airplay!

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