The Forms - Derealization

The Forms, now the duo of vocalist/keyboardist Alex Tween and multi-instrumentalist Matt Walsh, are releasing a new “remix” EP, Derealization, in February. The six-song collection features instrumentally reworked versions of older material and a number of guests: The National’s Matt Berninger, Shudder To Think’s Craig Wedren, Nat Baldwin of Dirty Projectors, St. Vincent player Daniel Hart, and Andrew Thiboldeaux of Pattern is Movement. As Matt Walsh, who also produced, explains, it started as an accident:

We had just received the vinyl of our last record. I was so excited that I dropped the needle down without checking the speed on the turntable, which was set to 45 instead of 33. Immediately, we were blown away at how the songs took on a whole new character at that speed. We spent that afternoon listening to the record at different speeds and made the decision on the spot to do a ’remix album.’

Instead of just remixing, they end up rewriting, expanding/contracting, and creating hybrids of old and new material, etc. You’ll recognize echoed melodies and lyrics from the two previous records, Icarus and The Forms. You won’t recognize other details. The transformations took place in Walsh’s studio in Ridgewood with the help of producer Scott Solter (Superchunk, St. Vincent). The results? Sparkly, densely packed, airy dance music by guys who like their post-punk darker. Get acquainted via “Steady Hand,” the track featuring Pattern Is Movement’s Andrew Thiboldeaux.

Here’s the original, when it was called “Bones”


01 “Fire to the Ground” (Feat. Matt Berninger)
02 “Same Path Mantra”
03 “Steady Hand” (Feat. Andrew Thiboldeaux)
04 “Alpha Wave”
05 “Finally” (Feat. Craig Wedren)
06 “Derealization”

Derealization is out 2/15 via Threespheres/Ernest Jenning. They’re also releasing “a free alternate version of Derealization on or around the week of release.” They have a couple live dates before that. Look for a full tour in February.

12/28 – Boston, MA @ TT The Bears

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  1. Woah this is good. Can’t wait for the ep!

  2. seriously fucking amazing… but now we have to wait until february!?

  3. This band is awesome. Where’d the disappear to? I like the new electronic lean.

  4. Holy crap!

  5. Artwork is looking hot.

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