New Simian Mobile Disco – “3 Pin Din”

Thursday afternoon dance fix. Though a sign at stage front read “This is NOT our live show, we’re just DJing” during their appearance at P4K’s SXSW party, Simian Mobile Disco’s record-spinning set was one a fest highlight (crazy daytime drunkards dancing spastically to the big beats helped). And extending a bloglines grabbing stretch (producing Klaxons Myths Of The Near Future and Arctic Monkeys’ Favourite Worst Nightmare, paired with the blog love for their own debut LP Attack Sustain Delay Release) the UK electro pop duo to bring even more Disco with a North America only four-track Simian Mobile Disco EP, including club hit “Tits & Acid” and three fresh new ones for your DJ nights. Among the unreleased: “3 Pin Din,” a semi-freaky, laser-blipped, polyrhythmic analog-soundz banger.

Simian Mobile Disco – “3 Pin Din” (MP3)

And here’s the jam for those in love with breasts and/or LSD…

Simian Mobile Disco – “Tits & Acid” (MP3)

The Simian Mobile Disco EP is out today digitally, and in a soon-to-close retail outlet near you on 7/17, via Interscope.

[Pic from Simian Mobile Disco’s set at SXSW ’07.]