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30 Rock is usually Videogum’s beat, except when someone like RAC (whom we know well) remixes Tracy Morgan and Donald Glover’s “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah.” Which is what happened, and what we have here. The track comes as a bonus commemoration of the show’s official soundtrack, a two-disc release featuring the show’s supplemental score along with proper songs voiced by various members of the 30 Rock cast. (E.g. Jane Krakowski on “Make A Pizza” and “Muffin Top”; Tracy Morgan and Jack McBrayer on “I Will Always Love You.”) The OST also took a fleeting Liz Lemon joke about a Christopher Cross song on her life and made it into a reality, which we can all agree is very cool at least from a 1981 Grammys perspective. It’s called “Lemon’s Theme” and is performed with the full-on Chris Cross vocal smoothness and instrumentation you’d expect from the sailor. MP3s of both of those tracks are below.

The soundtrack also comes in a Collector’s Edition which features “2 discs of original music bundled with a custom book of exclusive photos, cast commentary, scripts, and more.” We have one of those to giveaway. It’s signed by the cast. The person who gets that will ALSO get all four seasons of 30 Rock to date on DVD. Basically, this is knocking out a big chunk of your holiday gift list, if you win.

First, the MP3s:

It’s worth noting that “Werewolf” (and most of the rest of the OST) was composed by Jeff Richmond. Meme-credit where meme-credit’s due! You can stream the rest of the soundtrack at MSN, purchase it at iTunes, and buy the Collector’s Edition over at Amazon.

Here’s the Collector’s Edition:

30 Rock OST Collectors Edition

Closeup of the book cover:

30 Rock OST Book Cover

To be eligible to win, all you have to do is be a fan of Stereogum on Facebook, and submit a comment on this post with your favorite 30 Rock character (and why, if you want) via Facebook Connect (do not use your ‘Gum user account on this post — we’ll have to be able to check if you are a fan of Stereogum on FB when the sweepstakes ends). We’ll pick a winner from the comments posted here, at random. Deadline to enter is in two weeks: 12/2 at 5:30PM EST. Have your comment logged by then, and you’re in.

Here’s the complete OST tracklist:

01 Jeff Richmond: “Page Off Intro / Theme From ’30 Rock’ Kenneth Chokes”
02 Jeff Richmond: “Carol”
03 Jeff Richmond: “Frenchy / Slummin’ It”
04 Jeff Richmond: “Restaurant / Snowy Night / Light of Day”
05 Jeff Richmond, Jason Sudeikis, and Tina Fey: “Jack in Four / Cha Cha / Cleveland”
06 Jeff Richmond: “My Funny Valentine”
07 Jeff Richmond: “Boys in Gayland / Halloween / Chicken Killer / Jack Attack”
08 Jeff Richmond: “Meet Donny / Spanx / Dirty 30′s / Liz Taylor”
09 Michael Bublé: “Mr. Templeton”
10 Jeff Richmond: “Sunset Rounds”
11 Jeff Richmond: “Lizzie’s Blues / Sad Clown”
12 Jeff Richmond: “Claire / Handkiss / The Getaway”
13 Jeff Richmond: “Colleen / Dumb Moon / Headlights”
14 Jeff Richmond: “Dad / Pieces of Wood”
15 Jeff Richmond: “Ave Maria as Played by Kathy Geiss at the Cryogenic Freezing of Her Father / Blind Love”
16 Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski, Alec Baldwin, Edie Falco, Jack McBrayer, Kevin Brown, and Grizz Chapman: “Midnight Train to Georgia”
17 Jeff Richmond: “30 Rock – Long Play Version/ The Bitenuker”

01 Jane Krakowski: “Make a Pizza”
02 Katreese Barnes and Kyle Gordon: “That’s Her”
03 Jane Krakowski: “Muffin Top”
04 Tracy Morgan and Donald Glover: “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah”
05 Alec Baldwin and Jeff Richmond: “Simple Things”
06 Jane Krakowski: “Tennis Night”
07 Cheyenne Jackson: “Danny Boy”
08 Jane Krakawski and Cheyenne Jackson: “The Christmas Waltz”
09 Jane Krakowski, Elaine Stritch and Alec Baldwin: “The Christmas Song”
10 Jane Krakowski: “The America Song &the Mob”
11 Tracy Morgan and Jack McBrayer: “I Will Always Love You”
12 Tina Fey and Christopher Cross: “Lemon’s Theme”
13 Anita Gillette, Jan Hooks, Patti LuPone, Elaine Stritch and the Cast: “Don’t Go to Bed With a Frown”
14 Jeff Richmond: “What Do You Say to Cleveland (The Demo of the Unused Cleveland Song)”

UPDATE: We have our winner, Tracy Jordan fan Sarah Fonder. Congrats!

Comments (218)
  1. its gotta be Grizz.
    “today is a really special day”

  2. Meat Cat, mascot of Cheesy Blasters.

  3. dennis duffy, you dummies.

  4. Greta Johanssen, the loveable cat-tamer played by Rachel Dratch

  5. Who’s got two thumbs, speaks limited French and identifies strongly with Liz Lemon? This moi.

  6. Dennis Duffy…aka the Beeper King. He makes 1 episode amazing with a cameo just about every season

  7. Mr. Kenneth Parcell, of course! He’s so innocent, yet so mysterious!

  8. Tracy Jordan. Why?
    “I believe that the moon does not exist. I believe that vampires are the world’s greatest golfers but their curse is they never get a chance to prove it. I believe that there are 31 letters in the white alphabet. Wait… what was the question?”

  9. Liz Lemon is my favorite because I’m pretty sure she is my future self, shorteralls and all.

  10. Jenna, of course! I like her the best because she is a sort of human embodiment of the Hollywood idea. All she wants is attention and fame at all costs, and her attempts to gain that attention always blow up in her not-so-pretty face. Not to mention that her little pranks are always outrageous enough to make me laugh.

    You rock, Jenna. Don’t ever change.

  11. Jack Donaghy, without question.

  12. It’s a tie between Buzz Aldrin, because he walked on the moon’s face, and Gerhardt Hapsburg, because his eyebrow fell off his face.

  13. Dr. Leo Spaceman
    “When will modern science find a cure for the woman’s mouth?”

  14. Elizabeth Lemon. A role model, an inspiration, a sandwich enthusiast.

  15. Blue Man…where’s your feet, Blue Man?!!

  16. Elizabeth Lemon, because I am a modern girl and she is my role model. Favorite bit of wisdom: “I just wish I could start a relationship about 12 years in, when you really don’t have to try anymore, and you can just sit around together and goof on TV shows, and then go to bed without anybody trying any funny business.”

  17. it’s got to be jack

  18. Drew Baird. As Liz often says, “…so, so stupid”

  19. Kenneth Ellen Parcell.
    (Or his mom’s friend Ron.)

  20. Tracy Jordan is very obviously the pie. Proof lay within his propensity to take his shirt off, get the wrong end of incredibly blatant things that a fifth grader could understand, the endearing nature of his well-meaning, but uninformed shenanigans? He’s the problem… solver! AND! Any Kanye West tweet can become his words if you just put “Liz Lemon” in front of them! Who else on the show can say that???

  21. Jonathan. He is the unsung hero of 30 Rock.

  22. Tracy’s performance under pressure in the Cash Cab cemented his spot at the top of the 30 Rock heap.

  23. It’s gotta be Jenna, she has some of the best one-liners and the best songs.

  24. Dennis Duffy. Anyone still rockin a denim jacket deserves our love.

  25. I love Liz. I want to curl up in a slanket, eat something disgusting with her, and get drunk while we talk about men and watch 80s workout videos.

  26. Liz Lemon and Tracy Jordan are pretty great, but Dr. Spacemen is just too ridiculous.

  27. I’ll always have a soft spot for Moonvest and his love for fingernails and feet.

  28. Tracy Jordan, obviously.

  29. Liz Lemon. I know all about sabor de soledad.

  30. There are so many great characters on the show…all of them for example…It’s like picking your favorite Muppet! So, like the Muppets I’ll pick the gorgeous blonde (crazy) Diva…(no, not Tracy as White Girl w/monster hand.) JENNA!!

  31. i love everyone, but tracy cracks me up the most consistently.

  32. If “Night Cheese” were featured on this soundtrack I might go with the classic Liz Lemon, but I’ll put in a vote Floyd for his immortal declaration, “I would never get you drunk on salmon – or any fish!”

  33. Kenneth Ellen Parcell because Jack’s right that “In ten years, we’ll all either be working for him, or dead by his hand.”

  34. Tracy, just for quotes like this:

    “All my life I’ve tried to forget the things I’ve seen — a crackhead breastfeeding a rat, a homeless man licking a Hot Pocket off the third rail of the G train! “

  35. Tracy Jordan is a brilliantly unpredictable character.

  36. Dr. Spaceman, because his name is Dr. Spaceman.

  37. Mitch Lemon, I never miss a chance to vote for Andy Richter.

  38. My favorite character is Tracy Jordan. Best lines ever!

  39. Jack because he has an invisible “Laser Shield”!

  40. Alec Baldwin. Not Jack Donaghy, Alec Baldwin. To me, he is the main character.

  41. kenneth parcell

    because he’s just so old.

  42. “BeLIEVE in yourself, pigeon– don’t you know you can fly!?”

    -Tracy Jordan

  43. Jack.

    “It’s after six. What am I, a farmer?”

  44. I think Kenneth has got to be my favorite character.

  45. Tracy Jordan

  46. It’s tough, but I’d have to say Tracy Jordan. Far too many great things have come out of that man’s mouth to not be recognized.

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