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Nothing goes better with a Wilco sandwich than a delicious cup of Wilco direct trade coffee. According to the band’s website, some of Wilco’s members visited Inteligentsia Coffee’s Cupping Lap to pick their favorite variety. They settled on a coffee from the Sidama region of Ethiopiam, grown by the Homecho Waeno co-op. Here’s what it tastes like:

The aromatics of coffee blossom and violet make way for an incredibly graceful and elegant cup. The body has a light and silky quality, like fresh whipped cream, that beautifully compliments the ever-present note of citron, juniper berry and vanilla. As it cools, the cup blossoms into notes of confectioner’s sugar, rosehips, and soft raisin, resonating on a pristine finish with a touch of milk chocolate.

Sounds like Wilco in a cup. And at $21 dollars per pound, it’s at a price only a Wilco fan could afford. So, what should they brand next? Wilco coffee grinders seems like a good start, and like a nice gift for your dad (maybe he’ll get you a Wavves weed grinder in return).

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  1. I think they should brand some quality music. It’s been a while.

  2. It’s nice of Wilco to give their fans something to help them stay awake.

  3. When Yankee Hotel Foxtrot came out, I was listening to it at work (a community college bookstore). Two young women came in during “Radio Cure” and asked what I was and I told them. One of them said, “It sounds like the music someone dies of AIDS in a TV movie.” They then walked out with their snack cakes and erasers.

  4. I personally look forward to the day in 2018 when Kanye West releases “My Beautiful Dark Roast Twisted Fantasy.”

  5. Maybe a chain of Dentist’s offices? Turn those winterteeth into Summerterth at Wilco’s Family Dentistry Office!

  6. Branding Better songs After-Bennett.
    Which they’ve failed in doing 10 years running.

    Andy Whorehall
    Writer / sockmonkeysound.com

  7. That Intelligentsia stuff is good shit. It’s consistently ranked among the best coffee shops in the world, and their policy of working with the communities that grow the beans instead of fair trade is eminently responsible. The concept of putting the Wilco name on one of their blends is somewhat questionable, but their coffee is delicious, plus they are working with a local Chicago company.

  8. Even their coffee sounds bland.

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