Robyn put “Dancehall Queen” on Body Talk PT. 1, and it appears again on her just-released Body Talk 3 . The song’s new video doesn’t have Robyn in it, but it’s got street scenes and women dancing seductively, while the song’s lyrics appear at the bottom. Co-director Ryan Staake (Pomp&Clout) describes it as a “really weird VHS/karaoke video,” and it really nails that look. It’s co-directed by Diplo, Red Foxx and Pomp&Clout.

Body Talk is out now.

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  1. This is CRAP. Not sure why everyone is shitting themselves over this. Really boring and really trite.

  2. shiwouw?

  3. No, I don’t want to. This is GARBAGE. Trite, infantile, vapid. She is awful. Either music writers are bored or insulated. This isn’t even selling for gods sake, nobody likes it. Or the music press are hopelessly bought off or sheep. Either way, people are not buying music because of crap like this. Never has the music press been more out of step with the zeitgeist as now.

    • yes, clearly it’s a conspiracy! Put on your tin foil hat lest you be infected!

      • God, you are an idiot. That is not what I am saying. I am saying music critics are hacks and blogs need money. It is not a conspiracy, it is how the market functions and it is the culture of the music biz. Considering the hype, you figure she might have sold more than say 50,000. But she has not. I think that means that people do not dig it.

  4. after the katy perry tour everyone is going to love robyn. because she has way more talent then katy perry. youll eat your words later.

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