Bradford Cox and co. were on an awkward episode, one that featured all three Kardashian sisters sniping at each other, and host Conan O’Brien wearing ladies’ jeggings. (He had joked about wearing jeggings for an entire show on Wednesday’s episode, and he followed through the next night.) Deerhunter did “Helicopter,” the big single from Halcyon Digest. There’s a distracting amount of smoke machine smoke on stage, and the percussion stepped over Cox’s vocals a couple times, but they looked and sounded great. Watch:

Halcyon Digest is out now. Here’s O’Brien introducing his pants for the evening:

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  1. They should have done a Memory Boy/Revival medly…or Coronado

  2. album of the year! would have preferred “desire lines”

  3. They should have played revival. Its definitely the most accessible on the album, but I guess they had to keep it weird. Desire lines would have gone over well too though, thats my second fav.

  4. Might be ‘album of the year’ with a few of you, but def. ‘SHIT performance of the year’ nominee #1. Yet another band that seems only concerned with image n fog machines vs actually making sure their shit sounds good…but this is the new music world we live in innit? YET oddly on the flipside, effing Soundgarden,on Conan actually sounded great, who knew?!

    • Love Deerhunter and Helicopter, but that was one of the worst performances I have ever seen on a late night talk show. It was a dumb song choice for a national audience and sounded absolutely terrible. I liked the excessive smoke machines because it gave me something to laugh at before I went to bed.

  5. Anyone know why Lockett’s on a crutch?

  6. They should have played the entire album

  7. how on earth have they never been on TV before? they’re too good.

  8. Is anyone reminded of when Animal Collective played on Conan’s Late Night show?

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