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Do you remember “glo-fi”? The much maligned chillwave? Of course you do … for now. It’s interesting to note that after all of 2010′s trendy genre terms and hot-for-a-minute one-man bands, our Top 5 consists of a handful of sturdy veterans. The Top 10 expands to include a couple newcomers, newbies amid, again, three established crews. What does it mean? Well, the situation’s analogue to 2006 when a number of so-called “blog rock” bands like Tapes ’N Tapes, Clap Your Hand Say Yeah, and Cold War Kids made immediate wav(v)es, but albums released by old standbys received the year-end kudos. This isn’t to say you should reject the new — there are plenty of debut albums in our Top 50 and plenty of worthwhile debuts that didn’t make it — but it does say something about the amount of music released and processed and then forgotten in any given year. (Trivia: Which band that debuted in ’06 made it into our Top 5?) A positive result of all the fractures, fissures, flashy genre names: The average listener is definitely hearing more music and becoming more adventurous than in, say, 2006. (Sorry Decemberists.) Which means bands that may have seemed too “weird” for a casual listener even a few years ago are popping up in unexpected places in 2010.

It’s unclear why — oil slicks, down economy, jeggings — but it’s also been a much darker year for music via bands like Crystal Castles, oOoOO, Balam Acab, Zola Jesus, White Ring, Salem, Frank (Just Frank), the sundry so-called “witch house” (and Wierd) crews. As a result, the following list features more than a couple folks who might be charged with having goth tendencies (or at least black nail polish and old Cure and/or Kate Bush shirts). To take this sense of adventure into another direction, our No. 1 is someone your father might even know about and our No. 5 is on a “major label.” Notions of what “indie rockers” listen to is shifting and expanding, a positive step toward escaping the pratfalls of across-the-board year-end list homogeneity.

One of the fun things about lists is discovery, so it doesn’t make sense giving away too much, but we will say that what follows is the result of four people saying yes and no and maybe, and that if you were to break out individual lists from it, they’d look very different. (That said, if you asked us to collaborate again, it would look very much the same.) It should be noted that the following doesn’t include any metal — a separate one-man list for the heavy stuff will show up in Haunting The Chapel later this month, so please don’t ask why we didn’t include Agalloch or Watain. Also, we disqualified EPs; those get their own special ranking below the main list.

Start digging, digesting, and disagreeing.

Emeralds - Does It Look Like I'm Here50 EmeraldsDoes It Look Like I’m Here?

Small Black - New Chain49 Small BlackNew Chain

Sharon Van Etten - Epic48 Sharon Van EttenEpic

Baths - Cerulean47 BathsCerulean

Frank (Just Frank) - The Brutal Wave46 Frank (Just Frank)The Brutal Wave

Perfume Genius - Learning45 Perfume GeniusLearning

Field Music - Field Music (Measure)44 Field MusicField Music (Measure)

Big Boi - Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty43 Big BoiSir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty

Lower Dens - Twin-Hand Movement42 Lower DensTwin-Hand Movement

Oneohtrix Point Never - Returnal41 Oneohtrix Point NeverReturnal

Glasser - Ring40 GlasserRing

Gold Panda - Lucky Shiner39 Gold PandaLucky Shiner

Avey Tare - Down There38 Avey TareDown There

jj - nº337 jjjj nº3

the morning benders - Big Echo36 the morning bendersBig Echo

Swans - My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky35 SwansMy Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky

Titus Andronicus - The Monitor34 Titus AndronicusThe Monitor

MGMT - Congratulations33 MGMTCongratulations

Twin Shadow - Forget32 Twin ShadowForget

Warpaint - The Fool31 WarpaintThe Fool

Das Racist - Shut Up, Dude30 Das RacistShut Up, Dude

Matthew Dear - Black City29 Matthew DearBlack City

Delorean - Subiza28 DeloreanSubiza

Janelle Monae - The ArchAndroid27 Janelle MonaeThe ArchAndroid

Tame Impala - Innerspeaker26 Tame ImpalaInnerspeaker

ceo - White Magic25 ceoWhite Magic

Tamaryn - The Waves24 TamarynThe Waves

SALEM - King Night23 SALEMKing Night

Marnie Stern - Marnie Stern22 Marnie SternMarnie Stern

Liars - Sisterworld21 LiarsSisterworld

Ariel Pink - Before Today20 Ariel Pink’s Haunted GraffitiBefore Today

Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma19 Flying LotusCosmogramma

Abe Vigoda - Crush18 Abe VigodaCrush

Owen Pallett - Heartland17 Owen PallettHeartland

The National - High Violet16 The NationalHigh Violet

The-Dream - Love King15 The-DreamLove King

Yeasayer - Odd Blood14 YeasayerOdd Blood

LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening13 LCD SoundsystemThis Is Happening

Crystal Castles - II12 Crystal CastlesII

Joanna Newsom - Have One On Me11 Joanna NewsomHave One On Me

Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest10 DeerhunterHalcyon Digest

Wild Nothing - Gemini09 Wild NothingGemini

Antony & The Johnsons - Swanlights08 Antony & The JohnsonsSwanlights

Vampire Weekend - Contra07 Vampire WeekendContra

Sleigh Bells - Treats06 Sleigh BellsTreats

Robyn - Body Talk05 RobynBody Talk

Sufjan Stevens - The Age Of Adz04 Sufjan StevensThe Age Of Adz

Beach House - Teen Dream03 Beach HouseTeen Dream

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs02 Arcade FireThe Suburbs

Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy01 Kanye WestMy Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy


Here’s that list in more copy/paste friendly format so you can post on your LiveJournal:

50 EmeraldsDoes It Look Like I Am Here?
49 Small BlackNew Chain
48 Sharon Van EttenEpic
47 BathsCerulean
46 Frank (Just Frank)The Brutal Wave
45 Perfume GeniusLearning
44 Field MusicField Music (Measure)
43 Big BoiSir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty
42 Lower DensTwin-Hand Movement
41 Oneohtrix Point NeverReturnal
40 GlasserRing
39 Gold PandaLucky Shiner
38 Avey TareDown There
37 jjjj nº3
36 the morning bendersBig Echo
35 SwansMy Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky
34 Titus AndronicusThe Monitor
33 MGMTCongratulations
32 Twin ShadowForget
31 WarpaintThe Fool
30 Das RacistShut Up, Dude
29 Matthew DearBlack City
28 DeloreanSubiza
27 Janelle MonaeThe ArchAndroid
26 Tame ImpalaInnerspeaker
25 ceoWhite Magic
24 TamarynThe Waves
23 SALEMKing Night
22 Marnie SternMarnie Stern
21 LiarsSisterworld
20 Ariel Pink’s Haunted GraffitiBefore Today
19 Flying LotusCosmogramma
18 Abe VigodaCrush
17 Owen PallettHeartland
16 The NationalHigh Violet
15 The-DreamLove King
14 YeasayerOdd Blood
13 LCD SoundsystemThis Is Happening
12 Crystal CastlesII
11 Joanna NewsomHave One On Me
10 DeerhunterHalcyon Digest
09 Wild NothingGemini
08 Antony & The JohnsonsSwanlights
07 Vampire WeekendContra
06 Sleigh BellsTreats
05 RobynBody Talk
04 Sufjan StevensThe Age Of Adz
03 Beach HouseTeen Dream
02 Arcade FireThe Suburbs
01 Kanye WestMy Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy


Coming up with the Stereogum list meant leaving out some personal favorites of our four staff members, so here are each of our HONORABLE MENTIONS:

01 S. CareyAll We Grow
02 Jaga JazzistOne-Armed Bandit
03 Best CoastCrazy For You

01 Pantha Du PrinceBlack Noise
02 Earl SweatshirtEARL
3a PVTChurch With No Magic
3b WeekendSports
3c ARPThe Soft Wave

01 Sun City GirlsFuneral Mariachi
02 Daniel HiggsSay God
3a M.I.A./\/\/\Y/\
3b Blessure GraveJudged By Twelve, Carried By Six
3c The Dead CPatience

01 Scout NiblettThe Calcination Of Scout Niblett
02 DrakeThank Me Later
03 Wolf ParadeExpo ’86


And as mentioned in the intro, we decided to do EPs as a separate list — because, really, as we started compiling our individual staff lists we released 2010 generated more amazing EPs than any year in our collective recent memory.


15 BlondesTouched
14 Laurel HaloKing Felix
13 KingdomMind Reader
12 GatekeeperGiza
11 Janka NabayBubu King
10 LemonadePure Moods
09 Tanlines – Settings
08 oOoOOoOoOO
07 Sufjan StevensAll Delighted People
06 GamesEverything Is Working
05 Balam AcabSee Birds
04 GirlsBroken Dreams Club
03 Twin SisterColor Your Life
02 James BlakeCMYK
01 Zola JesusStridulum


Finally, remember the Gummy Awards? This would’ve been their fifth year, but we realized too late that the code to build it was swallowed when we moved to WordPress earlier this year. So this is a modified Gummys, because we still want to know what you think. Fill out these fields by Friday 12/17 at 6 PM EST and we’ll post the rankings soon after. We won’t use your e-mail address (no spam-o) to do anything other than pick one voter at random to receive a Wavves grinder (i.e., the perfect stocking stuffer).

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Comments (390)
  1. i’ve said it once and i’ll say it again. sleigh bells = limp bizkit with a girl singer

  2. Freelance Whales?

    Broken Bells?

    Two Door Cinema Club?

    Tokyo Police Club?

    dahh. Get rid of that Kanye thing.

  3. I haven’t heard any mentions at all of RRR – The Orchard on any list yet this year. Not even a small honorable mention… What gives?

  4. Whoa, Titus are ridiculously low.
    Clearly it was a better year for gimmicky washedout chill out than proper indie rock with something to say and some integrity. A shame.

  5. CEO is mnumber 25.
    Hapiness for my sweet heart.

  6. Delorean is numer 28.
    Sun for my winter house.

  7. You guyses are such black keys haters…. BROTHERS

    and totes mcgotes on all the Kanye shouldn’t be #1 comments (even though I’ve been listening to it for 4 days straight)

  8. No love for Zach Hill? The greatest drummer around. Definitely deserves some respect for Face Tat

  9. I agree. Where is the Black Keys?

    • Great album! Loaded with lots of slow jamz, but give it its due time and it flourishes!

      I didn’t bother to mention it before because I can’t even think of a single post about The Black Keys, to be honest.

  10. All the obvious omissions from the list make me realize that it was actually a pretty good year for music!

    • Exactly! Only two out of my top 10 even make this top 50.

      There is no such thing as too much good music, only not enough time.

      • Yeah, I was thinking as I saw a list on AV Club or some other blog, that the year end lists this year are all over the board, and that’s pretty exceptional. Aside from a few standbys, namely Kanye at #1, the rest of the top tens for any list are pretty divergent. I think it’s great. It feels like it might just be the fruition of all the digital-delivery hype, that we now have the avenues for many different bands at many different experience/exposure/economic levels to have music heard by a lot of people, so when these lists come out you realize how much is available – enough for anyone to find something special.

        This is the first time in a while that my luddite heart is being slightly warmed by the glow of the computer screen.

  11. Where’s Caribou/Walkmen/No Age/Spoon? :(

  12. No real Gummy Awards is completely unacceptable. I saw so many good youtube videos and tv shows as a result of last year’s lists.

  13. I voted for the black keys which didn’t even make the list. C’mon people, support me

  14. Normally I do not get too upset over year end lists because everyone is entitled to their opinion, but this lists’ omissions are just bizarre, not because they missed a few big albums, but because all the albums are similar in genre.

    Missing Toro y Moi isn’t such a big deal because Small Black is on the list, and thus, I understand that Stereogum didn’t totally miss a big album, but instead didn’t like it as much as I did. However, THERE’S NEARLY NOTHING ALTERNATIVE/PUNK INSPIRED IN THIS LIST. The closest we get is Titus (Abe Vigoda is barely punk anymore).

    Big punk/alternative-influenced albums missing (off the top of my head):
    No Age
    Best Coast
    Surfer Blood

    This wouldn’t be a big deal if Stereogum was a blog in the strictest sense of the word, but you guys bill yourself as a music website/web-magazine. When I read a blog, I expect genres to be missing because a blog is one person’s opinion. You guys have a staff of four and its your job to keep it balanced taste-wise. If there was someone rep-ing this music niche, one of those albums should be on the list. Then I would be satisfied.

  15. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see


  17. No Broken Social Scene,
    No Wolf Parade (honorable mention)

    So confused.

  18. no love for my favorite ep… the war on drugs – future weather

    also needs more earl sweatshirt.

  19. The goddamned DRUMS! end of.

  20. I’m sorry but the Yeasayer album should not be above High Violet

  21. I honestly don’t understand why The Tallest Man on Earth is snubbed in every damn list.

  22. See, what happened is Los Campesinos! and Shout Out Louds broke the cardinal rule of Appearing in Year-end Lists: DON’T RELEASE AN ALBUM IN FEBRUARY!

  23. KANYE’S ALBUM SHOULD NOT BE THE NUMBER ONE ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!!! Every time I see his album top a list it makes me want to barf. There were soo many great albums this year (a lot aren’t on this list) Kanyes is NOT one of them and especially not the #1 material.

  24. you too stereogum?

    first pitchfork gives it a 10/10 and then you put it as the best album of the year.

    it’s alright, but not the album of the year, or even close for that matter.

  25. I’m glad to be seeing MGMT on a few lists. MGMT backlash seemed to be in full force this year, I like Congratulations quite alot, however.

    • Totally, agree, MGMT has seemed to have been snubbed of all the lists! Just like Sufjan Stevens and Titus Andronicus have been the names to drop, MGMT has been the name to bash… superb album, it was my most played album of the year along with Portugal. The Man’s American Ghetto

  26. I really am baffled… Can somebody please explain to me how Kanye West’s album “breaks new ground” and is “a major piece of art”? Seriously though. I bought the album. I heard some great things about it and I love “Monster,” but when I put the album in, I listened and listened and became utterly confused as to how this album is at the top of everyone’s list… I’m not bashing on Kanye. The album’s good. But mind-blowing/groundbreaking/game-changing it is not. Call it what you want but will somebody please, for the love of goodness, explain this one to me? Good to see Sufjan getting the love he deserves though!!

    • Kanye is, if you will, the Sufjan of pop/hip hop. Culturally, this album is huge. Musically, it’s a step forward for him, especially after 808′s. It’s re-listenable, relateable, and more importantly, it’s a statement (an honest one) of who he is. It’s a totally accessible, commercial joy to listen to. Along with the GOOD Fridays venture and his forray into Twitter, this album gives listeners a (somewhat) clear view of the contradictions, loves, humor, and talent that amount to Kanye. And at this day in age, that’s at least worth a spot on top the pile. Sufjan is amazing, too. Fo’real. “All Delighted People” tied with “Runaway” as my fav songs of the year.

      • I would say Kanye is more like the Prince of pop/hip-hop. Ultimately he’s a talented and misunderstood guy. His general public appeal waxes and wanes, but at the root of it we all know he’s a unique voice that will likely endure… might not necessarily be ‘into’ what he’s doing all the time but the man does what he wants, and that alone in a music industry hampered by quickly-fading trends is refreshing.

        Another perspective to look at is that there were little to no digestible ‘hip-hop’ albums this year, so in comparison, Kanye’s looks like a diamond in the rough (yes, the Roots did their thing, and they’re superb at it, but it’s not really a ‘new’ thing). There aren’t really any new artists pushing him in the genre. Kanye’s been around, released a bunch of material, and spawned a slew of modern artists are already ripping off his vibe. It’s easy to forget that he’s an original.

        I’m not lobbying for MBDTF as my #1 pick this year by any means, but I do feel that it deserves a relatively high ranking on any year-end lists.

        • It’s hard for me to like artists who are clueless jerks in real life. Kinda like Sean Penn.

        • I wouldn’t compare him to Prince though since Prince can play pretty much any instrument he wants…Kanye isn’t that versatile, but nonetheless, he still knows how to weave his gifted ear into things.

    • 100% agree. Kanye is only getting points because of the unique things he is doing in an otherwise creatively bankrupt genre. Compare him to the rest of the music world, he’s still average though. Above average rapper does not a game changer make.

  27. Hahaha… The Black Keys not even mentioned.

  28. Menomena should be on there. Gorillaz should be on there. Sleigh Bells still really suck. And I know Ra Ra Riot didn’t get much love, but I’d much rather listen to The Orchard than 10 or so albums that made their way on this list. Alas……….

    • I’m with you. “The Orchard” got pretty tepid reviews from nearly reviewer, and I can’t figure out why. To my ears its one of the top five of the year, and other fans of theirs share the sentiment. I think reviewers dropped the ball this time, and I hope the album gets the reassessment it’s due.

  29. Where does Local Natives fall in your list Stereogum? are you soulless? such an entirely well-rounded album… oft-overlooked. Amazing live show.

  30. JEEZ!!!! Can everybody shut up about Kanye getting too much love. He deserves all the love and admiration he gets for his music. MBDTF was not only the clear album of the year but one of the best hip-hop releases of all time. It’s Kid A for a new generation.

  31. Am I the only one that loves Avi Bufflalo?

  32. I think Diamond Rings should be on there. And why does no one like Bombay Bicycle Club? Too British?

  33. Sleigh Bells and Yeasayer are NOT as good as you think they are.

    Gorillaz, Spoon and The Black Keys on the other hand, are WAY better than you think they are.

    • I like Spoon, but they’re kind of overrated. Not a great festival band. They closed Pitchfork fest a few years ago and it was so lackluster. I was disappointed.

      • As for Yeasayer, I miss their tribal/organic/world rhythms and sounds with actual, acoustic instruments as heard on cymbals. I really didn’t care for their electronic/mechanical approach to the new record, save a few good songs at the head of the album. But all in all, the compressed, computer-heavy synths and sounds are hokey. They should go back to their old ways.


    Really good list you guys.

    There are a few albums which I enjoyed that did not make it but making a post asking “where is album I liked?” or “why isn’t this album higher?” is really fucking stupid. <3 you guys. See you next year.

    • because it is VERY IMPORTANT to point out that people have different musical tastes and absolutely IMPERATIVE that other people know yours

  35. I’ve never understood this site’s obsession with Vampire Weekend. So I’m gonna swear and insult like a child because I’m so offended my favorite band isn’t where I think they should be on the opinion list of a bunch of music hipsters.

  36. Stereogum, let me start by saying that I prefer your site to any other. Having said that, where the fuck is the Surfer Blood and Best Coast love? And not so much Best Coast, I get that, but Surfer Blood? How did that not crack the Top 50. Also, snicklefritz for putting Kanye West on top. IT WAS NOT THE BEST ALBUM THIS YEAR. It may take a few months before it dies down, but that was certainly not the best album this year. “Art” or not. Whatever.

    And after repeated listens of both I would probably put Sufjan above Arcade Fire. Just saying.

    Oh yeah, where is Happy Birthday. Didn’t people love that album as much as I did?

  37. Also, thanks for The Best Eps list – Great idea.

  38. My last questions is this: Is anyone going to have the sand to not put Kanye at the number one spot?

  39. Nice to see Wild Nothings are getting some love,
    where are Caribou and Local Natives?

  40. Just curious to know where CocoRosie is in all this, Stereogum? You conjured up a huge dialogue over how Grey Oceans was critically panned but should not have been at one point this year, so I thought for sure you’d give it the nod you thought it deserved.

    Either way, I love the list. You’re the only site who understands good music (even if you don’t post as much funny music gossip news anymore.)

  41. I’m such a goddamn fanboy, but Halcyon Digest is so unbeatable and should really have the top spot. C’mon give Bradford his credit, or at least a higher spot than Sleigh Bells and Vampire Weekend (ugh). I’m not really a great follower of new music, but no Superchunk, Ted Leo, New Pornographers, No Age, Wolf Parade, Octopus Project, or Autolux? I know these bands aren’t the trendiest or most blog-able, but they all have released great albums this year and deserve a bit more attention than most “things” on here. *rant that makes me sound like a jaded old man over*. Glad to see Liars high up though, it’s no Drum’s Not Dead, but it’s a great album nevertheless.

    • I agree wholeheartedly. Halcyon Digest is the album of the year. Everything Brad and the boys touch is gold.

  42. Also no Blonde Redhead, Past Lives, or Grinderman! NO FORGIVENESS STEROGUM (I still love you though :3).

  43. Beach House’s album was so boring with exception to “Norway”

  44. where the FUCK is of montreal false priest!?!

  45. this list blows.

  46. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  47. I am curious: do the people who are bemoaning the absence of the likes of Spoon, New Pornographers, Belle and Sebastian, of Montreal, and Wolf Parade think these albums are great artistic achievements or do you just love those bands? Not that it matters, it just seemed that the consensus was that those were lesser efforts by accomplished bands.

    My personal list of missing bands include Menomena, Aloha, Besnard Lakes, Erykah Badu, and Northern Portraits. But, hey, there’s lots of great bands already on there and music is great and let’s just listen and be happy and stop being such little bitches about it.

    • I’m with ya, fearlessweaver. 67% of these comments are just so pointless.

    • Exactly what I said above. People are just commenting on those albums being missed simply because they are groups that people traditionally like. The newest Spoon album was enjoyable, but way more inferior to many of the great achievements on this list. Same goes for The New Pornographers, Belle and Sebastian, and especially of Montreal. I did enjoy these albums, but found them to be ones that I liked, rather than ones that I thought deserved to be recognized for their greatness (which none of them really had).

      I would have to agree with you on the Erykah Badu statement. Definitely an album worth being recognized but somehow being missed on a lot of lists. I am also sad to see the exclusion of Four Tet’s great album, “There Is Love In You.” Definitely an album worth being recognized for its accomplishments as well.

      Unfortunately, we can’t all get what we want, but definitely think the albums on this list are great and worth being praised.

      • It’s not just a love of the bands. I love Spoon, but can see why Transference was left off this list.

        Another way to look at it is maybe these albums were left the list because they didn’t live up to the standards set by those bands in the past, which would be as unfair as complaining about a lack of a band because you liked their old stuff. False Priest was no Hissing Fauna, but I would still place it above Small Black’s album (which I enjoyed quite a bit).

        • I can see your point completely. People are carrying over their expectations of what they should be hearing from their masterpieces in past years, hoping that their new releases sound that way. What people don’t get is that usually there is a progression of artistic experimentation within an artist and their sounds definitely change as they become exposed to different opportunities. Anyways, I don’t disagree that False Priest was good nor do I disagree that the Spoon album or any of the others that were missed were great, I just don’t think that they provided anything new, refreshing, or innovative to the progression of music. I think a lot of it was just a rehash of their past musical styles with a little bump up, but not much difference. A lot of it was actually stuff I was expecting to hear, which is why I enjoyed many of these albums, but wasn’t blown away by them.

          In your instance, by saying that False Priest should be above Small Black (I think by saying one album should be above the number 49 ranked album) really doesn’t make a huge difference. But to include something like False Priest, of any of those other albums in the top 10, or even in the top 20, would be ridiculous as there was so much better “art” / “music” out there this year.

          • You kind of lost me at the end there. I feel like one of your of’s should have been an or, and it got me a little confused.

            Are you saying it would be ridiculous to include any other the other albums by older artists (Spoon/Belle and Sebastian/Of Montreal/etc.) in the top 10/20? I fully get what your saying. Obviously there’s no universal way for people to compare or rate music. Cake’s been putting out consistently fantastic music for years that pretty much all sounds the same. For some people, that’s great. For others, they would rather hear something new and different, even if it means that album is little rougher around the edges. And I understand (and respect) Stereogum’s goal of bringing us the best new music there is. Which is probably why this list reads more like the Top 50 Albums by New/Up and Coming Acts.

            That’s not a bad thing. Overall it’s a baller thing. But you still have old acts, like Vampire Weekend, who did little to nothing different on their second album, other than make it slightly less good. And if that’s gonna fly as the #7 album of the year, I think Gorillaz/No Age did enough different on their albums, and merit inclusion in the top of the list for that and overall album quality.

    • the besnard lakes album was awesome, a top 10 for me. also, i love how your picture is curious george and you start with “I am curious…”

  48. It was about damn time Matthew Dear was mentioned. Amazing album. Haven’t listened to Klavierwerke yet. Is it any good?

  49. Damn I mixed Matthew Dear with James Blake. Sorry… I’m on finals, bear with me.

  50. Wow, I just scrolled through 5 minutes of “where is?! where is?!”.

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