Los Campesinos! - Kindle A Flame In Her Heart

“Kindle A Flame In Her Heart” is a downcast Los Campesinos! Christmas song that appears on a 7″ in the band’s new quarterly zine, Heat Rash. With the right editing, Amazon could use it in their 2010 holiday ad campaign.

Find out more about Heat Rash at loscampesinos.com.

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  1. Great song, like most of LC! It’s a wonder they weren’t on any Best of 2010 lists — y’know, mainly because they released one of the best handful of records of the year and all… I guess that’s not enough, though.

  2. If any best of 2010 list doesn’t have “Romance is Boring” on it. I automatically see them as null and void.

  3. This is the definition of an underrated band.

  4. Spot on, I love these guys to bits. Also, is this the first recording they’ve done since Aleksandra quit?

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