We’re not posting Mimi & Flo’s shot-for-shot parody of R. Kelly & Usher’s “Same Girl”, “Same Dude”, just because white artists covering black artists is one of blogging’s less decorative evergreens, or to start a thread about Usher’s U-Turn. No, we’re posting it because Mimi & Flo’s video is the kind of parody that is genuinely funny even if you haven’t seen the original. How can you not love these two? Enjoy:

After the jump, the original, so you can figure out why Mimi is running alongside Flo’s bike.

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  1. max  |   Posted on Jul 30th, 2007 0

    same dude = amazing

  2. it’s hard to say what my favorite part is. Maybe a toss up between the marshmallow fluff and the retainer.

  3. nick  |   Posted on Jul 30th, 2007 0

    how come nobody (other than weird al) can do a parody that’s this good of trapped in the closet???

    i want to marry mimi.

  4. molecule  |   Posted on Jul 31st, 2007 0

    um. its ok. just cos theyre twins doesnt mean they both have a cat with the same name, work at the same place and have the same tattoo. oh well. its “cute”. 2+2=5 i guess.

  5. Kurt  |   Posted on Jul 31st, 2007 0

    Made of awesome.

  6. molecule, it’s just as nonsensical in the original, so…full points!

  7. molecule enjoys reading articles about Silt and the processes of Erosion in the eastern hemisphere..

  8. static  |   Posted on Aug 12th, 2007 0

    LMFAO @ same dude!!!!!

    i found this video about r kelly on aol just now……..


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