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As they have in the past, the BBC’s compiled a list of artists they are handicapping for greatness in the coming year. It’s primarily a British list, which is fair, British Broadcasting Corporation. An exception comes via Warpaint, who we tipped for new greatness this year, arguably already late since they’ve been playing together for many years and put out an EP in ’09, but also whatever. Sometimes we are late to UK’s excellence, sometimes they are late to ours. Exceptions: The Strokes nearly a decade ago (they got it), and James Blake, who the American internet realized broke out this year via his excellent EPs but is on the BBC’s list for future breakout greatness, ostensibly because he is still a very young man with a self-titled debut full-length due in 2011. List below, links to listen affixed, not sure you’ll discover anyone new to love but it’s a nice bit of trivia nonetheless:

Anna Calvi
Clare Maguire
Esben & The Witch
Jai Paul
James Blake
Jamie Woon
Jessie J
The Naked & Famous
The Vaccines
Wretch 32

You can read full bios and video clips from each of the 15 at the BBC.

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  1. been listening to The Collected James Blake (2010) all morning. when’s that record gonna hit already jeeeeeeeez.

  2. Warpaint is not a breakout band in 2011. Opening for the XX, playing Lollapalooza, they’ve broken out and are doing pretty well

  3. Jai Paul IS great.

  4. I only know 3 of these acts -_-.

  5. Okay. I guess the world is just going to keep sleeping on this: http://thehopeslide.bandcamp.com/album/the-hope-slide

  6. Well my breakout group is not on your list so I’m gonna go into a corner and pout. But before I do I’d just like to mention that the name of the band in question is Breathe Owl Breathe and the name of the album is “Magic Central”. Yea I know there from Michigan, I think, but Please don’t hold that against them. Every cut on the CD is a favorite but if you can only play one track try out “House Of Gold”, “Swimming” is a lot of fun to “…you can scratch me, if you want to….” How’s that for lyrics?

    • Promoting your own band is cheating. And pretending it’s not your own band is just lame.

    • Hate to kick you while you are down Michaeljay, but I gotta agree wtih @smotherbrother, pretty bad attempt at self promotion and I actually firmly believe in it as a key tool to ‘making it’, this just wasn’t the best route. I think the “you can scratch me if you want to” as an example of a good lyric is what killed it. Good luck on Brooklynvegan though….

    • That’s a terrible lyric. Sorry, bro.

  7. Better late than never… seems like Pitchfork never got to listen WARPAINT (not a single song made it to PF 100 top songs of the year while warpaint is consistently strong in many other lists) BBC is calling it after the Breakthrough although they will keep on rocking in Australia and the UK next year, they are quite fantastic!

    The one great thing about pitchfork’s list is Ariel Pink in #1 song, they somehow got off the kanyemania that every other list created, as someone here said: they are all stuck in kanyes dick!

    • I liked the Warpaint album. It made my top 10 (which I won’t link to for fear of being bitch-slapped for promoting my own music-critic career). What’s funny about Warpaint, though, is how much some of their stuff sounds like a Vancouver band from the ’90s called Perfume Tree. Anyone remember them? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Zq12-rZBzM

      Well, that plus old Cat Power, maybe.

    • woozefa  |   Posted on Dec 16th, 2010 0

      i read this 3 times and saw WARRANT each time and wondered what the hell was wrong with you.

  8. No Fenech-Soler???

    Everybody listen to ‘Demons’ and ‘Stop and Stare’ by Fenech-Soler…

  9. Also check out Austra from Toronto. Going to be big this year.

  10. Jessie J is such a joke. Shes such a manufactured act that’s 2 years too late.

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