So, collectors of iconic-artists-career-works-repackaged treatment, you have not one but TWO choices as to how to spend your money this fall: Do you go with DYLAN: The 3-CD, 51-song set (regular or deluxe i.e. in cloth cases) spanning five decades, or DYLAN: the “Best Of” edition, featuring a paltry 18-song single disk? Guess it depends on how much you love yourself!

Either way, the pre-release hype party is underway over at, chock-full of trailers, stories, photos, and an advance snippet of Mark Ronson’s latest attempt to put an insanely fiery fan base in the mood to lynch. He did it with the Smiths’ “Stop Me,” and now Mark presents a “re-version” of Bob’s “Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine).” What to expect? Whaddaya think? Horns! Fat backbeat! Etc. But there’s no Daniel Merriweather-type on vox, this is pure Zimmerman. Check it at, and if you don’t like, stop to vote — seems they want opinions before they ship it out to “radio globally” on 8/1. Thanks Matt P for the heads up.


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  1. matt  |   Posted on Jul 31st, 2007 0

    as a huge dylan fan, i gotta say, that’s not half bad.

  2. dannygutters  |   Posted on Jul 31st, 2007 0

    it’s better than the broadway version

  3. fred  |   Posted on Jul 31st, 2007 0

    love the shot of bob on bass!

  4. so, i’ve heard that the funky horn section that mark ronson uses come from sharon jones & the dap kings? is that true? they are simply bad ass!!!

  5. stephen  |   Posted on Jul 31st, 2007 0

    I really liked that clip – mainly because Ronson used Dylan’s own vocals, not the usual flavour-of-the-week vocalists like in his album.

    If he made an album entirely of Dylan tracks using the original vocals, I’d definitely buy it. Buy it like a bitch, I would.

  6. kevin  |   Posted on Jul 31st, 2007 0

    yea as a ginormous fan of dylan, i enjoyed that, that scream thing was a little annoying but i liked everything else

  7. Darnell  |   Posted on Jul 31st, 2007 0

    I didn’t like it, but I find Ronson’s arrangements extremely off-putting (I can’t listen to Winehouse because of it and I feel like I’m missing out), so I’m not one to judge how well it works here for people who do like the Version sound.

  8. bez  |   Posted on Jul 31st, 2007 0

    Rubbish. why bother. i bet Dylan thinks it’s gash.. edit…. i bet Dylan doesn’t even care.

  9. Kier  |   Posted on Jul 31st, 2007 0

    Yes Mark Ronson’s sound is largly due to the fact that he uses the Dap Kings on all his recent projects. They are or at least were Amy Winehouse’s touring band and they definiltey had that sound masterd before he came around. Check out the new Budos Band record (same band members and label) for some of their seriously stylish funk.

  10. Evan  |   Posted on Jul 31st, 2007 0

    alright, so I thought it was decent. But knowing this man has any connection to Amy Winehouse makes me boycott it automatically. That’s how much I hate Amy Winehouse.

  11. corey  |   Posted on Jul 31st, 2007 0

    i’ve always said that unless you can better a song, don’t cover it. fact is, it’s bob dylan, and if you think you’re better than bob dylan or that you can improve any of his genious music, i’d like to meet you, and then kick you in the nuts for being an idiot.

  12. brian  |   Posted on Jul 31st, 2007 0

    it’s a remix not a cover. and the correct spelling is “genius”, idiot

  13. The Other Matthew  |   Posted on Jul 31st, 2007 0

    That sounded awful. Good heavens, vote “no,” people!

  14. jimmy  |   Posted on Jul 31st, 2007 0

    sounds terribly cheezy to me…i love bobby D but this song is just gross.

  15. historyman68  |   Posted on Jul 31st, 2007 0

    they don’t even let you see the results of the poll? that’s basic internet etiquette! probably so that they won’t have to explain why going with that song even though everyone in American hates Mark Ronson.

  16. Stephen  |   Posted on Jul 31st, 2007 0

    if anything, everyone in america could be hating on mark ronson cause he’s got great ideas production-wise, even if his best idea is bringing in the dap-kings. and anyone who hates amy winehouse just has sour grapes. she writes quality, emotional songs that don’t rely on pretensious lyrics and actually have hooks and choruses. i’d also like to take this opportunity to blast pitchfork for giving lily allen a higher rating. if amy and mark are good enough for prince and bob dylan, they’re more than good enough for anyone else.

  17. historyman68  |   Posted on Jul 31st, 2007 0

    agreed, Stephen. watch live videos of amy winehouse and lily allen. lily allen has absolutely no stage presence, whereas amy winehouse has real charisma. i was trying to think of other things to say to support my point, but seriously, just watch their live videos on youtube. lily allen on SNL is embarassing.

  18. andyanks  |   Posted on Aug 1st, 2007 0

    If your into the Dap-Kings, the Budos Band is playing at Joe’s Pub on Thursday, August 9th.

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