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Darwin Deez’s “Bad Day” is a “fuck you” song of the mildest kind. It’s directed at someone he hates, but he’s too nice to wish more than lost keys and rainy days on his adversary over the song’s bright guitar and jangling rhythm. Brooklyn duo Javelin did this remix for the single (Deez’ LP came out in the UK last year, it’s out stateside in February). Their bubbly analog synths and blunt bass don’t make his threats more menacing (if anything it’s more fun, less angry), though the line, “I would like to be your girlfriend / So I could dump you” has its own set of issues. Listen:

Darwin Deez is out 2/22 in the U.S. The “Bad Day” single is out 1/18. Here’s the video for the original “Bad Day”:

Also check out his previously posted videos for “Radar Detector,” “Constellations,” “Up In The Clouds,” and “DNA.”

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  1. THIS RULES SO HARD, like, all-caps ruling. So much better than the original. Granted, I’m a bit biased here, but… sheesh. Nicely done.

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