Ryan McGinley-approved Garry Glitter and girls/Girls-obsessed glam-rockers Smith Westerns are back with their second full-length Dye It Blonde. We heard the breezy lead track “Weekend” at the beginning of last month. Here’s its day-in-the-life Focus Creeps-directed video.

Dye It Blonde is out 1/18 on Fat Possum.

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  1. I really like this song but this video sucks. I feel like i’m watching a well-filmed version of some kid sitting in math class and drawing his bands name all over his notebook.

  2. I was completely surprised by how much I liked this song when I first heard it just a few days ago (I am a slow child when it comes to the internet). Love how natural it sounds, as if they just picked up the guitar and happened to drop a catchy riff, like it was there the entire time.

    But I agree with furries above, this video is not natural. I just have a hard time believing this is a day in the life of these three. Unlike, say, any given P(uff) (Daddy) Diddy (Dirty Money) video, with the jets flying over Times Square and the yachts and the models and the champagne, that’s the believable stuff right there.

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