“I lost my voice in LA but Jack White Fed-Exed this to my hotel to me today and I’m taking a tip from him,” Maya said a few songs into her set yesterday, waving a bottle of throat spray. And the best way to make up for a lacking larynx? Dance like crazy, sing from the scaffolding, and be sure to play “10 Dollar” and “Galang.” Pretty massive crowd for Ms. Arulpragasm’s late afternoon set at the Bud Light stage, full of beat-seekers, Kala leakers, even the folkie likes of Elvis Perkins, all out for an afternoon serving of Maya’s pan-global masala.

“Bamboo Banger” got things started, the first of a slew of new cuts that included the “Blue Monday”/Pixies loving “20 Dollar,” the Hindi film inspired “Jimmy,” “Boyz,” “Bird Flu,” and personal fave “World Town” (ah-nee-nee-nee!). Maya’s DJ asked the crowd to “put their lightas up!” for the crowd killing “Paper Planes,” which in the blinding, afternoon sun, won the award for most asinine request of the day. Fun to see M.I.A. climb the sidestage speakers and the crew subsequently freak out, trying to wave her down/secure the rig from toppling with the force of their inadequate arms (pic below). Friends said her set was lacking at Siren; turns out all they needed was for Maya to have a shot-to-shit voicebox! Overcompensation is so now (see: Lauryn Hill, Tay Zonday). We’ve got more coverage from the day on its way. Jump for M.I.A. pics while you wait.

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  1. artmusiche  |   Posted on Aug 4th, 2007 0

    can u say SEX SYMBOL???

  2. -ahem- that song wasn’t called “down river”, its called “world town”. the leak of KALA mistagged “world town” as “down river”. but its nice to see that even large blogsites download unreleased material illegally :)

  3. david, i’m sure i don’t know what you’re talking about. but … fixed!

  4. sex symbol is RIGHT

  5. Corey  |   Posted on Aug 5th, 2007 0

    Hey David, before you get all on your high horse, MY illegally downloaded leak of Kala called it “World Town.” Oh snap!

  6. Miss P  |   Posted on Aug 12th, 2007 0

    Mine is not, shit… I should find more reliable illegal sources to download from…

    So, then, “Down River” doesn’t exist?

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