Santa Sufjan

This is an off-year for Sufjan’s Xmas-album-release schedule, but the Dessner brothers of Bluzzbood, Ohio have helped bridge the gap this holiday season by leaking a couple of previously unheard yuletide treats via their guest DJ stint on the BBC 6. The leak of these Christ songs likely have Sufjan’s blessing because they are Christ songs, and the Dessners are his friend, and also because the Dessners appear on the tracks along with the other headline-notable, Arcade Fire’s Richard Reed Parry. You can hear both “Silent Night” and “Barcarola” over at Consequence Of Sound. Apparently both come from sessions set to tape years ago.

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  1. The link now has the entire (ep?) at the bottom of the page!

  2. I don’t think it’s fair to call this a collaboration with The National if it’s just the Dessners. They are playing more like Clogs on this one anyway.

    It’s a great collection of music though. Different from the other more Sufjancentric volumes, but still holding close to the sound and feel of Sufjan’s Christmas spirit.

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