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Every blog does a Christmas mix, so here’s ours, with a small twist: All of these tracks are new for this year Xmas songs, not the classics or Sufjan leftovers. I’ve also included streams for charity singles, Christmas-related music videos, and other new holiday bits (with links, where applicable, to download the rest of the album or Christmas compilation). We’ve posted some of these earlier this month, but most are new. Enjoy:

To Give:

“Boots” is the band’s fifth consecutive Christmas single. Get it on Amazon, all proceeds go to the (RED) Global Fund.

Get “Where The Pine Trees Grow” on Bandcamp. All proceeds go to the NYC Food Bank.

To Receive:

Download the rest of Banjo Or Freakout’s Christmas album XA2010, at Bandcamp.

(via BeachHouse2010)

Download the rest of Target’s The Christmas Gig at

Get the Christmas Special on iTunes.

(via Deerhunter’s Blog)

Download Sounds Familyre’s Christmas compilation from Bandcamp.

(via Röyksopp’s website)

Get Moshi Moshi Xmas at Moshi Moshi Records.

Find out more about Heat Rash at

So Beautiful Or So What is out spring 2011. Keep up with album info at

Tegan And Sara – “The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late)”

Get Gift Wrapped, Vol. II: Snowed In on iTunes.

“Christmas Was Better In The 80s” is available via iTunes.

The Streets (Christmas Songs)

North Highlands – “Last Christmas” (Wham Cover)

(via Big Ugly Yellow Couch)

Andrew W.K. – “Silent Night”

Andrew W.K. and Rodney The Mailman cover “Silent Night”

(via A. V. Club’s Holiday Undercover Series. They’ve also got covers by The Walkmen, Shearwater, Kate Nash and others.)

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  1. Don’t y’all forget Fast Romantics. This is the best indie rock cover I’ve ever heard of a Christmas song:

  2. What about the Crocodiles x Dum Dum Girls jam? That’s the best Christmas song I’ve heard in a long time, and I’m not even a fan of Christmas music.

  3. Check out Crystal Stilt’s Practically Immaculate:

  4. What about the Walkmen’s cover of Holiday Road?

  5. This is a list of original songs, no covers. That’s why there’s no Walkmen or Fast Romantics.

  6. My favorite this year is Cartright’s “Christmas Waltz”

  7. This is awesome, definitely beats my dad’s Mannheim Steamroller CDs.

    And unless Andrew W.K. wrote Silent Night, I’m pretty sure there are covers here too. The Walkmen cover is part of the same series, I think they just didn’t want to link to all the songs in order to save space.

  8. Nice to see Coconut Records

  9. The Sparkle Kids – “Floor this Christmas” at

  10. Not indie rock, but good for the whole family … the complete Beatles Xmas:

  11. Nice collection,happy holidays!

  12. Related: I was listening to Sufjan’s huge Christmas album yesterday and that shit is beautiful!

  13. No mash-up album from team9 this year?

  14. On a side note, if i hear that Vampire Weekend Holiday song one more time i’m gonna kill somebody.
    Vampire Weekend = The Black Eyes Peas

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