R.E.M. 2010

Our second taste of Collapse Into Now is an immediate download from iTunes if you pre-order. Whereas “Discoverer“’s ringing electric riff reminded me of “Finest Worksong,” the gentler, acoustic tones of “It Happened Today” recall “Texarkana.” Eddie Vedder and Joel Gibb provide background vocals.

Also new today is this Collapse Into Now “trailer” featuring snippets of Michael, Peter, and Mike in studio performing songs from the album:

Very promising. Or maybe it’s my nostalgia. Either way I’m looking for to this one.

Collapse Into Now is out 3/7 via Warner Bros.

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  1. it does look good!

  2. I wasn’t crazy about “Discoverer” (it sounded too much like a “Turn You Inside Out” redux to me) but I like this song a lot. I also enjoy the concept of an album having a “trailer.”

  3. People are too excited about the new Bright Eyes to give a shit. Fuck that. Accelerate was really great. I haz hope.

  4. IHT is awesome

  5. Hip Hip Hooray, Today, Today! Hip Hip Today! I mean Hooray! hip Hip Hip hip hip replacement!

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