R.E.M. Oh My Heart

The third taste of Collapse Into Now arrives via “Oh My Heart.” The gentle, echoing ballad (of sorts) debuted at NPR along with some words about the song from Michael Stipe. The production reminds me of (R.E.M. fans) the Walkmen. Read Stipe’s thoughts before you listen:

It’s a very quiet and very meditative song dedicated to New Orleans — about New Orleans. Jacknife [Lee] is great as a producer, because he saw that we were struggling with what is a very quiet song. We were standing really far away from each other in the room, and it was hard not only to actually physically hear each other, but it felt dispersed. He brought us into the middle, and instantly, of course, the song worked.

Collapse Into Now is out 3/8 via Warner Bros.

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  1. Utterly gorgeous. This record is going to be incredible.

  2. Amazing. Truly inspiring.

  3. I LIKE this one! And the brief horn intro at the beginning, why that’s something reminiscent of one of the Wagner operas, most likely in the Ring cycle, or my god is it from Tristan und Isolde?

    Hopefully this comment will win me all the smugvotes. Speaking of, considering that this is the Stereogum comment boards, shouldn’t there be three options for rating: upvotes, downvotes, and smugvotes, for those comments so delightfully smug that they out-smug all the rest?

  4. References to religion, cities, fractions synonymous with 50%, and “kids”. Maybe not the Walkmen, but it certainly reminds me of another Pitchfork-beloved band.

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