The Babies - "Wild I"

I don’t think Cassie Ramone and Kevin Morby’s Vivian Girls/Woods spinoff the Babies’ “Wild I” is a play on VG’s “Wild Eyes” — that’s a Roman one not an “I.” Though who knows. The song appears on a limited-edition 7″ with “Wild II” called The Wilds. It’s also included on the band’s self-titled Shrimper debut. More than any track by the duo to date, it sounds very much like a Vivian Girls/Woods mindmeld.

(Via GvsB)

The Wilds 7″ EP is out in February via LebensStrasse. The Babies LP is out 2/11 via Shrimper. (Don’t forget Katy Goodman’s Vivian Girls spin-off La Sera.)

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  1. Vivian Girls spinoffs>Vivian Girls. IMHO.

  2. The Babies have a new single coming out April21st! It’s called “My Name”

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