Kurt Vile - Smoke Ring For My Halo

“Jesus Fever” joins “In My Time” on the list of advance listens from Kurt Vile’s forthcoming Smoke Ring For My Halo, the Philly songwriter’s second LP for Matador. The sedate jangle and strummer also joins “Overnight Religion” and “God Is Saying This To You” in evincing Vile’s interest in exploring a thematic spirituality, here via lines about being a ghost and the inevitability of being, one day, “already gone,” and the similar inevitability of the inability to “escape this song”; we go, art is forever. Or at least until 2012.

One more:

Smoke Ring For My Halo is out 3/8; Matador has a pre-order page up.

“Baby’s Arms”
“Jesus Fever”
“Puppet To The Man”
“On Tour”
“Society Is My Friend”
“Runner Ups”
“In My Time”
“Peeping Tomboy”
“Smoke Ring For My Halo”
“Ghost Town”

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  1. I’m loving the guitar part in the coda of the song, a sort of 21st-century jangle. Or maybe there should be a new term for it? Jangle was the morning 45 years ago. Let’s try out “jingle” instead. No, that doesn’t work, it’s even older and it implies baking soda ads on the radio.

    E-Jangle 2.0? iJang?

    • Jesus but I’m coming off as bitchy today. Must be the snow makes me cranky.

      I like the song, I’m glad Stereogum shared it today, and I’m going to bed now until it all melts.

  2. So excited for this album!!

  3. what is this christian rock shite?

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