Goldenvoice announced the dates for Coachella 2011 — April 15, 16, 17 — but they haven’t announced the line-up just yet. We’re about 93 days away from the festival, and a couple weeks from artist announcements, which will probably arrive just after MLK weekend. I put together this totally wack poster to start the conversation/anticipation. The sections are divided up into who we’ve heard strong rumors about (Menomena is, I think, the only band that’s confirmed their own appearance, McCartney headlined 2009, but…), artists whose album and touring schedule fits Coachella’s dates, and the artist and bands that are totally wild guesses and daydreams and wishes.

So who would you like to see at Coachella this year? Here are the bands above, in list form:

Definitely Maybe

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
Best Coast
Sleigh Bells
The Drums
The Sundays
Bright Eyes
Flying Lotus
The Decemberists

Educated Guesses

Kings Of Leon
PJ Harvey
Sonic Youth
Cut Copy
Lykke Li
Fleet Foxes
Mercury Rev
The Go! Team
Toro Y Moi
Okkervil River
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
Iron & Wine
Pure Instinct
Gang Gang Dance
Big Boi
Hercules & Love Affair
… And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
The Streets
Foo Fighters


David Bowie
Paul McCartney
Daft Punk
Kanye West
Lady Gaga
The Beastie Boys
Dr. Dre
The Cars
Arcade Fire
Sufjan Stevens
Lupe Fiasco
Gwyneth Paltrow

… And here’s one person’s fake Coachella 2011 lineup poster. Here’s a blank background, if you want to try making and uploading your own.
Coachella Fan Poster

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  1. The Strokes?

  2. Wonder what happened with last year’s “the Stones are ‘close to finalizing a deal’ with Goldenvoice” rumor. I would like to see the Stones before I die (i.e., they die).

  3. The fake poster has both Jeff Mangum and The Talking Heads, so I think it’s more a “dream line-up” than “line-up to fool blogs.”

  4. MMJ are confirming on a bunch of festivals. They’ll definitely play Bonnaroo, but Coachella?

  5. Hahaha. Talking Heads. That would be the day

  6. I would put Wire as a definite — their spring tour has them on the West Coast at the correct time, and their current schedule conveniently omits any L.A.-area dates.

  7. The Rolling Stones!

  8. “…And you will know us by the trail of THE dead”?

    Cool, I can’t wait to see them and Kings of The Leon that day.

    Did someone’s “hip” mom/dad write this?

  9. Paul McCartney headlined in 2009 but…? But what? What is the evidence that would suggest him over say, David Bowie or Elton John? Don’t get me wrong, I saw Sir McCartney in 2009 and it was phenomenal, but headlining two times in three years? I just don’t see that happening.

  10. There will be no justice in britpop heaven if the reunited Pulp tours in the states when Blur never even got close.

  11. The Smiths?

  12. I’ll be honest. Most people always say Radiohead as a hope for headliner when the reality is that it’s very unlikely. However, being the person who usually doubts it, I will say this is the year for everyone’s dream to come true. This I think is going to be a big year and they have grown up to Goldenvoice very much (with 2 nights at All Points West 2008). They have an album and they haven’t played the festival in 6 years! I think there’s a better chance of them playing Coachella than Bonnaroo, Lolla or any of the others. Plus, maybe Thom Yorke’s performance last year was a preview for this year. Maybe Radiohead isn’t such a longshot this time.

  13. Either Cults needs to release a (good) LP or face the inevitable truth of singing ‘Go Outside’ for the rest of their lives…


  14. This is the worst rumor thread ever.

    A reliable source told you about Paul McCartney? That source is no longer reliable.

    Stereogum is supposed to be a reputable music blog, do some fucking work before posting nonsense.

  15. Bring back Sly Stone!

  16. cut copy is gonna play twice? that’d be fun or funny or both.

  17. That second line up poster might just be the greatest list ever. God I want to go to that non existent festival.

  18. I think Robyn will almost definitely be playing.

  19. At the drive in FTW fake !, kind of cool, but little imposible

  20. Without a shadow of a doubt, I can tell you the following bands and musicians are confirmed whether it be by them, their agency, nearby tour dates or interviews:

    - PJ Harvey (Agency confirmed, product description for Let England Shake oddly confirmed it as well until it was removed today)
    - Interpol (Confirmed in interview)
    - It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia LIVE! (Devito confirmed on Jimmy Kimmel)
    - Glassjaw (Confirmed in magazine article)
    - Bright Eyes (Playing the traditional pre-Coachella Glasshouse show in Pamona right before)
    - Caifanes – (Confirmed on website)

    Also, the Sargeant Group confirmed two of their acts to play this year but didn’t specify which. Educated guesses deduce it’s between Fang Island, HELLA and Boris.

  21. Drowning Pool…encore featuring Paul McCartney

  22. Why did you guys pick such a bad fake to run at the top of this article?

  23. “Speaking of festivals, Stereogum has the possible Coachella lineup. All in one place, you could see Paul McCartney, Sleigh Bells, Arcade Fire, Bright Eyes, PJ Harvey, Lykke Li, Diplo, Daft Punk, Gwyneth Paltrow… Wait, what?”

  24. I reckon Robyn will play, maybe a bit of Amy Winehouse.

  25. Oh man… that second fake poster is quite the dream line-up. If Boards of Canada play anywhere in the states, I’d be on a plane in a heartbeat.

    Here’s hoping for Royksopp… I don’t think they’ve ever played a big US festival, and they would be amazing.

    When was the last time Coachella had a big female pop headliner? (not counting MIA) Madonna in 06? Robyn or Lady Gaga would be fun to throw in the mix this year.

  26. Godspeed playing Coachella is the biggest pipe dream ever. Same goes for Talking Heads.

  27. Oh boy! Gwyneth Paltrow! Please please please please please let it be true!

  28. Here is a lineup that looks good:

  29. The strongest rumors for headliners seem to revolve around Arcade Fire, Coldplay, Kings of Leon, but there’s still buzz around Kanye, White Stripes and Daft Punk. I personally think an AF/Coldplay/KOL headlining Coachella doesn’t seem to have enough diversity to it since AF is indie’s answer to arena rock, Coldplay is the UK’s answer to generic alternative arena rock and KOL is America’s generic alternative answer to arena rock. One should be switched out for a rap or electronic headliner to break everything up nicely, but a Stripes return would be enjoyable too.

  30. Fanfarlo has confirmed

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