Björk Covers Joy Division

I “sang” “Love Will Tear Us Apart” at our 2010 staff Holiday party and supposedly sounded like “an Eastern European guy who’d never heard the song before.” Björk does a better job. She gave it a go last week at the three-day Karaoke Marathon For Icelandic Nature (aka “The Voice Of The People”), an event raising awareness about a petition to block Magma Energy’s takeover of Iceland’s geothermal and thermal energy. It was held at the Nordic House in Reykjavik and has so far resulted in 46,000 signatures. Here’s Björk:

(Via TwentyFourBit)

Take a look at the petition at You’ll find background information on the situation with Magma at The Grapevine. The Karaoke Marathon may be ongoing.

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  1. Bjorkaoke, amirite?

  2. In case you missed our holiday karaoke party, highlights:

    Brandon: “The Humpty Dance”
    Amrit: “Lightning Crashes”
    Jessica: “Gold Digger”
    Gabe: “Semi-Charmed Life”
    Max: “Don’t Look Back In Anger”

    I sang Mr. Big but it was not a highlight.

    • Haha, you guys should totally post that if there’s any existing footage. I’d totally watch it.

      As for Björk, This sounds strangely fitting. It’s like it was meant to happen all along. Next thing you know she’ll record a one-off single with New Order. :D

  3. Is there anyone/band on earth that hasn’t covered this song yet? Just once I’d like to see someone cover Dead Souls… or really… anything else.

  4. Dude, did you ever hear Nine Inch Nails’ incredible cover of “Dead Souls” on the original The Crow soundtrack? It’s the best Joy Division cover ever, IMHO.

  5. This really sucks…

  6. Wait a minute – for realz?! A company called Magma Energy is taking over Iceland’s geothermal and thermal energy? And then Bjork sings karaoke at a fundraiser protesting said takeover? That is just too cool. Is this a William Gibson novel I’m living in? Otherwise, the performance kind of sucks. The book is always better than the movie…

  7. wow- this is bad! and i really like bjork

  8. My favorite Joy Division cover by a long shot is Galaxie 500 doing Ceremony. Incredible.

    However for Love Will Tear Us Apart, Swans have two great versions.

  9. I would love to duet with Bjork at karaoke.

  10. ouch on many fronts

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