Kanye West Jay-X H.A.M.

Spoiler: the title stands for “hard as a motherfucker.” The producer, Lex Luger, also produced My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’s bonus track “See Me Now” and much of Waka Flocka Flame’s Flockaveli. I hear more of the latter in this track, though I don’t think West and Jay-Z work well with the frenzied, over-the-top production here — West especially sounds disconnected and uncomfortable. Listen at the Watch The Throne Facebook page.

Watch The Throne is out 3/1 via Def Jam.

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  1. I just don’t understand the misogyny that permeates all of West’s lyrics. What’s the deal with degrading women? It actually affects young peoples’ perceptions; trust me, I see high school students under the influence every day.

    • I agree to an extent, but at the end of the day allusions to the role of music/movies/pop culture in general in inevitably overplayed, I feel (not to say that you yourself ‘overplayed’ your point, but rather as a general observation). Sure, Kanye telling a bitch (Life) to ‘suck my dick’ may influence some youth, but things like dead beat parents, economic insecurity that lead to poverty and rises in prostitution and female sex-trade smuggling, and various other systemic social aspects (ie women being paid less for equal work) are the real sources of female exploitation, degradation, and submission, not Kanye getting his daily kicks by calling out anonymous ‘actresses’. In the same way video games are blamed for violence in children, ignoring the role of parents, and things like the United State’s history of trigger happy foreign-policy, there’s only so far one can go placing the onus on music and individuals like Kanye for the sometimes-held perception of women. I listened to the Marshal Mathers LP as a kid, but was more than balanced out by my parents, education system, etc. I do see your point though–merely putting my own qualification on it.

      As for the song..meah. Kanye’s verse was sub-par, J’s was average, and the beat was pretty epic. 6.5, 7/10…?

    • The misogyny thing is just a persona for the songs. It’s not supposed to be taken at face value. Kanye addresses this and its consequences on tracks like “Runaway.”

      • I doubt that. Not your point itself, but your sources. Kanye may say that it’s just a persona, but I guarantee that when he’s shooting the shit with his ‘crew’, he refers to the women he’s (presumably) been with in the exact same way as he does in song. I think what you hear in his verses is very much a part of who he is..not all of who he is, but for an artist who prides himself on his honesty, a part of who he is nevertheless.

        • I’m referring more to actual misogyny. Using men calling women ‘bitches’ in songs as an argument that hip hop is misogynist is pretty outdated for the most part. My friends call each other ‘bitches’ in regular conversation as a joke. Jay-Z may use this language towards women in his music, but he’s been faithful to Beyonce for years (as far as has been reported, anyway, yes). Vague example, but you get where I’m going with this. Don’t get me wrong, I get where the argument comes from, but as you said about Eminem, I grew up listening to him too and I didn’t throw someone in my trunk.

  2. Yeah, I work in high schools in Baltimore City and it is true… I love the sound of his music but sometimes I will be listening and just have to turn it off when he starts degrading women. It makes me feel like I am devaluing myself as a woman. sigh. I love the sound though, he has so much power- why not use it cleverly/positively?.

    • The misoogyny was the main reason I didn’t think MBDTF was worth a 10.0 – The whole Chris Rock part was unlistenable and I know I wasn’t the only one who felt this way. Still love his music though.

  3. I’m going to just agree with you both on that one – I’m tired of the misogyny in hip hop. Period. I

    On another note about the song, it’s okay, but I would’ve rather have seen them do something a little more classic Jay-Z/ Kanye West-like, something soulful. Rather than let a 19 year old kid who’s style will (in my opinion) soon be considered a flash in the pan produce the record, why not take it back to a classic, Blueprint/College Dropout sound? Imagine if they were rapping over something like the beat for Exhibit C. Now that would be a single that would blow me away.

  4. Uhhhh y’all realize Yeezy uses misogyny as a self-critique to express how out of proportion his id is, right? I mean…y’all realize the album is called My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, right? To say MBDTF is a misogynist record is missing the point.

  5. Blame Game. 6:43.

  6. I think the problem is if you like hip hop you are going to have to put up with some misogyny. That said, from what I’ve heard from the album it is brilliant, get for Kanye to get a bit darker with his music, as he’s been getting close to cheesy pop.

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