Win A Fancy Limited-Edition George Michael Faith Box Set

“With his olive complexion and stubble-whiskered Olympian good looks (courtesy of his Greek heritage), the trademark crucifix earring, leather motorcycle jacket, and blue jeans, George Michael graduated from the duo known as Wham! to become an icon to tens of millions of fans around the word…” Any George Michael fans out there? If so, you’ll want this numbered, limited Deluxe remastered 12″ x 12″ box set edition of his 1987 solo debut Faith. Here’s what it includes:

CD One (remastered album)
01 “Faith” • 02 “Father Figure” • 03 “I Want Your Sex (Parts 1 & 2)” • 04 “One More Try” • 05 “Hard Day” • 06 “Hand To Mouth” • 07 “Look At Your Hands” • 08 “Monkey” • 09 “Kissing A Fool” • 10 “A Last Request (I Want Your Sex Part 3)”

CD Two (remastered 7-inch and 12-inch versions / B-sides)
01 “Faith (Instrumental)” – B-side of 12-inch “Faith” single
02 “Fantasy” – B-side of “Waiting For That Day” single (all formats)
03 “Hard Day (Shep Pettibone Mix)” – From original CD album (also track 3 of “Faith” CD single)
04  “I Believe When I Fall In Love” – B-side of the 7-inch and cassette singles of “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me”
05  “Kissing A Fool (Instrumental)” –  B-side of 7-inch and 12-inch singles of “Kissing A Fool”
06  “Love’s In Need Of Love Today” (live recording) –  B-side of 7-inch “Father Figure” single
07  “Monkey” – 7-inch edit
08  “Monkey (A Capella & Beats)” – A and B sides respectively of 7-inch “Monkey” single
09  “Monkey (Jam & Lewis Remix)” – 12-inch single

LP (180-gram vinyl replica of original album)
01 “Faith” • 02 “Father Figure” • 03 “I Want Your Sex” • 04 “One More Try” • 05 “Hard Day” • 06 “Hand To Mouth” • 07 “Look At Your Hands” • 08 “Monkey” • 09 “Kissing A Fool”

DVD (running time 110 minutes)
01 “George Michael & Jonathan Ross Have Words” (1987)
02 “Music Money Love Faith” (February 1988)

Seven promotional videos (re-synched with remastered audio):
01 “I Want Your Sex”
02 “I Want Your Sex” (Uncensored)
03 “Faith”
04 “Father Figure”
05 “One More Try”
06 “Monkey”
07 “Kissing A Fool”

The 12″ x 12″ limited edition, numbered, black-and-gold-foiled slipcase also contains a 60-page hard-bound book including exclusive interview with George Michael, rare photos and memorabilia and a memorabilia envelope including 5 art prints, reproduction poster, tickets and tour pass from Faith tour.

George Michael Faith Box Set

The reissued Faith’s out officially 2/1 via Epic/Legacy. There’s also a double CD and Special Edition. The one we’re offering is the most stacked. Get more info on all of them at To be eligible to win, all you have to do is be a fan of Stereogum on Facebook, and submit a comment on this post with your favorite George Michael song after logging-in via Facebook Connect (do not use your ‘Gum user account on this post — we’ll have to be able to check if you are a fan of Stereogum on FB when the sweepstakes ends). We’ll pick a winner from the comments posted here, at random. Deadline to enter is in two weeks: 1/26 at 5:30PM EST. Have your comment logged by then, and you’re in.

UPDATE: We have our winner, “Fantasy” fan Chris Rediske.

Comments (133)
  1. Faith is my favorite George Michael song.

  2. My favorite George Michael song is Freedom ’90. Whatever mood I am in, if that song comes on, I want to burst out singing.

  3. ‘Father Figure’, or ‘One More Try’. Definitely.

  4. This is a great giveaway; however, my favorite George Michael song is not on this CD. I love Careless Whisper. Though it is George Michael’s song it is credited to Wham! I think it the best makeout song ever!

  5. Definitely “Faith.” A friend and I did a takeoff of it last year here:

  6. Favorite GeorGe Michael son is obviously FAITH!

  7. without a doubt, “Faith”

  8. “Fantasy.”

  9. I will be your father figure put your lovin’ hand in mine!

  10. Praying for Time, and of course Faith.

  11. “Heal The Pain” is my favorite – also like the version he recorded with Sir Paul.

  12. So many to choose from.. Faith is likely a favorite. Also I knew You Were Waiting (w/ Aretha) is brilliant! Also brilliant? The fact that a picture of George Michael hangs on my office wall.

  13. “Kissing a Fool”

  14. Father Figure, for sure.

  15. I wish they would release all three parts of “I Want Your Sex” digitally, but these is still very cool.

  16. One More Try. A great, emotion-filled vocal.


  18. I will do anything for George Michael. Even comment for the first time on Stereogum. “Praying For Time” undoubtedly. The most emotionally potent song known to mankind.

  19. I’m a big fan of “Outside,” especially the music video. His best work was with Wham! though.

  20. The one I sing in karaoke is still my all-time favorite. “Kissing A Fool.” It brings the damn house down, time after blessed time.

  21. ‘Faith’ is still my fave – I love the guitar and the video…..

  22. “Amazing” is pretty amazing.

  23. It’s a tough choice – but “One More Try” is one of my karaoke favorites!

  24. praying for time, different corner, kissing a fool, and blue (especially)

  25. faith. i don’t think i’ve listened to music as dedicatedly as when i was five, sitting next to my dad’s record player with my sister’s george michaels album. it spoke to me.

  26. Us girls used to sing “I Want Your Sex” on the playground when I was in 2nd grade–oblivious of its content! ;) Still can’t beat this album.

  27. “Kissing a Fool”

  28. my favorite george michaels song is definitely Freedom! 90′

  29. “Father Figure” for sure.

  30. Freedom 90′ never lets me down. I always liked Monkey too.

  31. I Want Your Sex! Love to play this on a jukebox because its such a long song.

  32. George Michael’s Wham! “Careless Whisper” is timeless and by far the best song he has ever written

  33. “Faith” still gets me.

  34. Although the breakup of Wham nearly killed me ;), I liked “Freedom.”

  35. On This Album I Love “Father Figure”…But My Favorite At The Moment Is “This Is Not Real Love”!!

  36. I think it would be nice if I could touch your body…

    I always liked “Freedom 90″ best though.

  37. One more try, you have been loved, Jessus to a child… and so many songs I love, still big fan from 1985 till now!!

  38. “You Have Been Loved”

  39. Favorite has to be Freedom 90! Favorite artist and favorite song…

  40. one of my favorite has to be “hand to mouth”. everybody talks about the new generation, jump on the wagon or they’ll leave you behind. but no one gave a thought to the rest of the nation. like to help you buddy, but I haven’t got the time.” at the beginning of a day, there are many people who don’t switch on their conscience…

  41. Father Figure. And George Michael is a treasure.

  42. When patience was released he stated he doesn’t want to do any more albums. He doesn’t have much to show as it is. I don’t listen to any of his old songs. Over the years he has been refusing to do anymore music. Last December he said in an interview he is holding onto all of the new material he has written, he thinks releasing albums is just passe. Re-releasing an outdated album is another one of his bad career moves. I

  43. It’s gotta be “I Want Your Sex”

  44. You Have Been Loved is one of my favorite GM songs….so hard to choose just one

  45. Freedom ’90.

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