Young Widows - In And Out Of Youth And Lightness

It could be this morning’s KEN mode and Trap Them listening sessions talking, but pair those knockout efforts with bluesy, sludgy Louisville trio Young WidowsIn and Out of Youth and Lightness and it feels like 2011′s going to be a good year for various shades of noise rock (or old-man punk or post-noise rock or noisecore or…). For their part, Young Widows are following up 2008′s Old Wounds with a batch of their darkest, most expansive material. The nine tracks were recorded in a funeral home in their hometown and co-produced with Kevin Ratterman (known for his work with My Morning Jacket). Not sure if it’s Ratterman’s doing, but there’s a smokier, more patient, painterly, and atmospheric sound created with unexpected pacing, instrumentation, and vocal arrangements. Sometimes it’s straight-up gentle, making the eventual explosions feel huge. The aesthetic shift would work well on the same stage — or another split 7″ — with labelmates, neighbors, and pals Coliseum. You’ll get a sense of this with the swaggering “Future Heart,” though the album’s best experienced as one dynamic arc.

The tracklist:

01 “Young Rivers”
02 “Future Heart”
03 “In and Out of Lightness”
04 “Lean on the Ghost”
05 “The Muted Man”
06 “Right in the End”
07 “Miss Tambourine Wrist”
08 “White Golden Rings”
09 “In and Out of Youth”

In And Out Of Youth And Lightness is out 4/12 via Temporary Residence.

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  1. Queens of the Stone Age?

  2. This band is incredible, I wouldn’t call them metal but oh well. Old Wounds was one of the best of 2008, so I’m very hyped up. To the dude above, I would rather compare them to Touch and Go bands of yesteryear than Qotsa (Killdozer, Hoover, and obviously the Jesus Lizard).

  3. Saw these guys in Pittsburgh last September. They blew out an amp 2 songs in and it was really awkward. The lead singer is a sad sack, but man can they play. Top 2 Loudest shows I’ve ever been to.

  4. Rock is Forever!!!

    Check out my rock mix of I just had sex song here:

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