Watch Archers Of Loaf Reunion

Over the weekend the Eric Bachmann-fronted ’90s slacker-rock vets and Icky Mettle scribes Archers Of Loaf — who put on some extremely fun shows in the ’90s (#the90s) — played their first since 1998. It happened in North Carolina at the Cat’s Cradle where they were the “surprise” opening act for Love Language. (A “surprise” heard a week earlier up here at the Williamsburg/Greenpoint border.) It was a 12-song set that included “Web In Front,” of course, as well as some other favorites.

Here’s a setlist via mumblepop, who also posted the above (and other) videos.

01 “Audiowhore”
02 “Harnessed In Slums”
03 “Revenge”
04 “Nostalgia”
05 “Lowest Part Is Free”
06 “Freezing Point”
07 “Greatest of All Time”
08 “You and Me”
09 “Might”
10 “Web In Front”
11 “Wrong”
12 “Slow Worm”

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  1. Dear Stereogum-

    You are a great resource and I’m happy you exist. However, uh, “slacker rock?” Really?
    That’s worse than “alternative.”
    I think you can do better.

    Perhaps their wardrobe choices fooled you, but all of the bands from this genre worked their asses off.
    Therefore I propose adopting the term “Sweat Rock”
    Seriously, it’s catchy, right?


    • “Slacker Rock” was something folks called Pavement, Archers Of Loaf, etc. back in the day. People called everything “slacker” back then, I guess. Richard Linklater was king. The “Slacker Generation,” aka Generation X, etc. So it’s not that I couldn’t do better, it’s that the ’90s couldn’t do better.

      “Sweat Rock”‘s not bad, but it it reminds me of Richard Simmons’s sweat socks.

  2. Awesome. Do you think they’d play a NYC show if I said pretty please?

  3. I remember the term back in the day well, Brandon. You are completely right. I didn’t like it then either, but you didn’t coin it so please don’t mind my ball bustin’.
    I know Malkmus/Spiral/Nast never liked it either.

    Good report. The show was fantastic even though a barrage of marshmallows glued our intrepid heros’ shoes to the Cradle’s stage. I love these guys as a band and as people. They should be making music together so I’m glad they are again, even if it’s just going to be a “here and there” thing.

    Sweat Rock! We can take this back from the Simmons Mafia.


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