It’s got a fresh beat and sick tracklist. Check it. Great callback, Trent. You win today.

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  1. ian g  |   Posted on Apr 1st, 2009 0

    really? he’s trying to make me pay 30 dollars for it?
    fuck that. he loses. torrents win today.

  2. what day is it?

  3. brosikof  |   Posted on Apr 1st, 2009 0

    haha i just paid for it. haha so weird it came out on april first haha.

  4. That’s one killer beat! Timbaland is the greatest musical mind of our generation.

  5. Chris Cornell  |   Posted on Apr 1st, 2009 0

    WELL PLAYED TRENT…WELL PLAYED. Thats so cash money!!!

    Weezer was right in the song Pork and Beans – Im just trying to perfect the art guys!!

    PS – I hate my fans.

  6. Black Sunshine  |   Posted on Apr 1st, 2009 0

    I read his take on Chris Cornell’s Scream. I know EXACTLY where this is going.
    4?R!1 F0075!!!

    But I do get his concern that some of the best artists, even in rock and roll tend to turn to someone who is a hip-hop producer, though. Never turns out well, does it?

  7. Kanye  |   Posted on Apr 1st, 2009 0

    Even on April 1st ART WINS

  8. agreed. not sure Danger Mouse improved Beck’s or Black Keys’ sound. Don’t get me wrong, the albums were good but not great.

    • jumpsuit jimmy  |   Posted on Apr 6th, 2009 0

      no dangermouse didn’t do a great job with either beck or black keys. it’s okay but the music doesn’t really have any life to it. it sounds flat and 1 dimensional. neither of those artists need him.

  9. faas  |   Posted on Apr 1st, 2009 0

    didn’t animal collective work with ben h. allen on that album that just came out recently? what was that called again? i think that worked out alright for them..

  10. fivesixzero  |   Posted on Apr 1st, 2009 0

    @Black Sunshine: Don’t forget that Reznor worked with Dre on Even Deeper from The Fragile back in ’99. See “Flyentology” by El-P for another non-disasterous example, although it’s arguably a rock producer working with a hip-hop artist… Really though, it doesn’t have to end badly. It only ends badly when it’s, uh, executed poorly. ;)

  11. Sorry Chris, but I think it’s really funny. I’m a big fan of Chris’ work but I have to agree that his collaboration with Timbaland wasn’t really successful. But I have high hopes he will hit back with killer music in the future.

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  12. fratboy  |   Posted on Apr 1st, 2009 0

    April Fools’ Day > Regular life.

  13. Damn it, I get a blue screen of death when I try to download it! I think their website might be broken from such demand…

  14. Rich  |   Posted on Apr 1st, 2009 0

    I just wonder if Fergie from The Black Eyed Peas was in the same room, or same studio, or even same state as Al Jorgensen when doing their vocals. I’d worry for her safety, the poor thing. Haha. Oh Trent.

  15. Lux  |   Posted on Apr 1st, 2009 0

    “Even Closer” featuring Justin Timberlake and Maynard James Keenan sounds freaking amazing. Hows that album cover, Trent Reznor+shutter shades=the masterpiece that is “Strobe Light”

  16. Look “Everybody’s doing it” will surely be the anthem of 2009!

  17. You win this time, Reznor, but I’ll have my reveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenge!

  18. girlygirl  |   Posted on Apr 2nd, 2009 0

    even closer (featuring justin timberlake and maynard james keenan)

    i`d actually like to hear that one

  19. chrischke  |   Posted on Apr 2nd, 2009 0

    i’d love to hear the skits.

  20. Teymoor  |   Posted on Apr 2nd, 2009 0

    I think Bjork is the only artist who was able to pull off a successful artistic collaboration with Timbaland.

  21. Ummmm. Some weeks ago Trent criticizes Timbaland’s work with Chris Cornell and now he’s got an album produced by him??? Really?

  22. Could we stop discussing Timbabland on this forum please?

  23. Kels  |   Posted on Apr 5th, 2009 0

    This gets the award for best April Fools

  24. Timmy  |   Posted on Apr 5th, 2009 0

    Someone get this man a trophy.

  25. jumpsuit jimmy  |   Posted on Apr 6th, 2009 0

    lol, that’s cause it sounds pretty much the same as her other stuff. there was no real sonic evolution. it was as close as bjork got to doing an album on autopilot. she doesn’t need timberland, timbalake.

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