Definitely (definitely) appreciate the sentiments Tom Morello’s gettin’ baritone ’n’ Crash Test Dummies about in “Alone Without You,” but the song itself leaves something to be desired: Like, seriously, we weren’t surprised to learn he returned to his hotel after an early screening of SiCKO and wrote the thing in one obviously mellow night. Is it only us or does that intro remind you a bit of “Wanted Dead Or Alive”? Subtle Bon Jovi punning, perhaps…

Morello first posted the video on Michael Moore’s website, and the song itself plays during SiCKO’s closing credits. The relationship with the scruffy documentary maker’s not new — Moore directed Rage’s “Sleep Now In The Fire” and “Testify” videos way back in the day. Now that was agitation!

Okay, gotta get something for this cough…

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  1. dannygutters  |   Posted on Aug 22nd, 2007 0

    Yeah this nightwatchman thing is horrid. And he covers all the songs I love. Ah well, I guess if it gets the kids into Woody. But do the kids still listen to tom?

  2. brad  |   Posted on Aug 22nd, 2007 -1

    Wait a minute. Those are WHITE people in the video. Doesn’t Tom know that white people are privileged?

  3. Liam  |   Posted on Aug 22nd, 2007 0

    “Alone Without You” is kind of a redundant title for a song.

  4. kevin  |   Posted on Aug 22nd, 2007 0

    i feel like crash test dummies have been referenced a lot on the gum lately

    not that i’m complaining

  5. matt  |   Posted on Aug 22nd, 2007 0

    liam has a good point

  6. adam  |   Posted on Aug 29th, 2007 0

    you guys are idiots. the people in that video were at the bonnaroo music festival, and have a much higher likelihood than average to actually TRY to do something to change what’s going on, and at the very least try to be cognizant of the impact they are having on the political and environmental climate.

    What’s wrong with Tom exploring a different style of music to continue the sentiment that was being projected via RATM

    BTW: I’m white, and I’m sure as hell not priveledged. It took me 6 months of planning and saving to be able to attend bonnaroo, and it was totally worth it.

  7. Tom Morello recently performed at Newport Folk Festival and held a press conference afterward. Festival Preview ( posted their video of it in their roots blog. Tom had a lot of interesting things to say. The video’s also posted on Festival Preview’s YouTube account (

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