Ariel Pink Brings "Round And Round" To Fallon

Ariel Pink’s lack of live game’s been in the news, but last night he got a band together and put his best skinny leg forward for a performance of “Round And Round” on Jimmy Fallon. It was his network television debut.

Before Today is out today 4AD.

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  1. Cheers!
    Ariel looks like a gay version of Kurt Cobain!

  2. This is an awful performance. I like the album a lot, but Ariel himself is totally obnoxious.

  3. i will never understand why people like this guy

  4. Because his album is great?

    I agree his performances tend to warrant a kick in the crotch (although this one wasn’t as bad), this album is very good.

  5. Yeah, this is why you don’t let people who play laptop music perform live. This is embarrassing.

  6. Looks like of Montreal. I thought people loved that kind of stuff.
    I think i would be dead if there weren’t goofy people like Ariel.

  7. Two Door Cinema Club blew the roof off Fallon the night before, and they don’t even get a post on ‘Gum, but this freakshow gets a post every time he breathes.

  8. It looks like he keeps whispering to Jimmy Fallon to keep advertising the album more. Deebo mind control.

    • Every time Ariel Pink stumbles around the stage and yells at me to shut up and listen, I’ll be quiet. But when he starts playing, I’ll be talking again.

  9. what a dork haha, he’s like ALMOST a Jarvis Cocker or something, just …with down syndrome:)

  10. Do people have different expectations of Ariel Pink?… The latest album was good, way better than his previous stuff(Which I liked)… But performance-wise… What are people expecting?… This sounds alright to me…

  11. I understand you’ve got to support an album with live shows, I just can’t see how shows like this could help the band in any way. I assume anyone that doesn’t already know him would watch this and think it’s garbage.

  12. I am about 100% sure that QOTSA’s Josh Homme was the “Kicking Stuff” guy on last nights show.

  13. Sounds horrible live. They are dressed fun and even then it is hard to look at them due to their apathetic performance.

    • Prob just nervous.. dude was energetic and all over the place when i saw them open up for the Lips.
      They sounded great.. but it was subdued.. even though the song is pretty chill..

      Don’t know why you dude’s want a super energetic performance for a mellow track.

  14. I don’t think Ariel Pink gets nervous or cares about commercial success. The guy’s been pumping out music for years and his stage antics are nothing new.

    • Minus ‘Reminiscences’, which is really just some noodling I think round and round is the weakest song on the album, I would’ve liked to see them rip through Bright lights/blue Sky or even Menopause man, though that song likely would’ve turned off a much more of the uninitiated than this one did.

      R&R is just kinda plodding as a live song.

  15. It’s a chill song. What were you expecting, Iggy Pop rolling around in broken glass?

  16. “y’all were great on fallon”

  17. Hello, This is Chloe sevigny… it’s recently come to my attention that I love singing on jimmy fallon’s show

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