Tomboy Tracklist Revealed

The Tomboy news cycle’s gaining momentum: After learning last week that Noah Lennox’s followup to Person Pitch comes out in April and adding details about Sonic Boom’s production presence, there’s now a tracklisting. It doesn’t look like “Atiba Song” made the cut, unless the song appears under a different name (“Surfer’s Hymn”?). Here:

01 “You Can Count on Me

02 “Tomboy

03 “Slow Motion

04 “Surfer’s Hymn”

05 “Last Night at The Jetty

06 “Drone

07 “Alsatian Darn

08 “Sheherezade”
09 “Friendship Bracelet”
10 “Afterburner”
11 “Benfica”

Tomboy is out 4/11 via Paw Tracks.

[Photo by Brian DeRan]

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  1. Surfer’s Hymn is not Atiba Song. Is, however, going to be the jam of the year.

  2. FYI, all of the album versions are different from the single versions, so your headline is MISLEADING if not straight up DISHONEST.

  3. this is not half of it! this are the 7″ versions!

  4. atleast excited about a tracklist :)

  5. I wonder if we’ll ever get an ‘Atiba Song’ mp3 without the skateboard sounds..

    • Actually, if you listen to the mp3 of ‘Atiba Song’ (without the accompanying video) you’ll hear that many of skateboarding samples are actually the percussive elements that give the song its propulsion and groove. It’s very similar to the opening samples during ‘Pills.’

      • well if you watch any skate video, they purposely cue up all the shots to the beat. so when they ollie or land those sounds happen in time. the tricks wouldnt be as awesome if they just scrapped clips together and dropped a track on top. ill wait for a clean atiba song, because also if you notice, the drum track in the song isnt as punchy so you can here the sound effects in the video

  6. Surfers Hymn is not Atiba Song, its Surfers Hymn.
    Afterburner is Bullseye
    Sheherezade is the King Tubby jam.
    So, the only possible new one is Friendship Bracelet…
    (btw this probably only makes sense if youve followed the boots)

    also the next 7″ is Surfers Hymn w/ remix by Actress.

    Stoked to finally hear it though after like 2 yrs of anticipation! Lets hope Sonic Boom didnt fuck it up! haha

    • and last i checked it was out on 4/19, not 4/11… although i wouldnt if you were right!

    • Thank god Afterburner is Bullseye, I almost got really really upset at the prospect of Tomboy without Bullseye. THAT is going to be the jam of the year.

  7. 7″ versions, album versions, either way I’m very excited. April can’t get here soon enough.

  8. This is what Atiba Jefferson had to say about “Atiba Song”

    “Noah aka Panda Bear is a very good bro. The story is I started the song for the video and was having trouble. Noah being the coolest dude said send it to me I’ll help you finish and he made a whole song. When I got it I knew it was a perfect fit for the video. It’s the biggest honor having that track named after me. I’m a big Animal Collective and Panda Bear fan and psyched on all of the positive feed back of the track. The record drops April 19. Go buy it!”

  9. panda for prez

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