Warm Ghost Open The Wormhole In Your Heart Video

Brooklyn-based electronic composers Paul Duncan and Oliver Chapoy are Warm Ghost. It started as Duncan’s solo project, but the extra hands allow for a more expansive palette. Bear In Heaven’s Adam Wills offers a nice description: “Cold Wave synths. David Sylvian-esque vocals. 10 second delay … Low frequencies, smart chord changes, minor scale drones, heartfelt lyrics, and infectious hooks … Paul’s vocal range is wide and able, and adding this super romantic warmth to a colder musical palette.” Hear it for yourself via the Brandon LaGanke & John Carlucci-directed video for “Open The Wormhole In Your Heart,” the first single from the forthcoming Uncut Diamond EP , a collection combining three remastered track from their debut Claws Overhead EP with three new ones. The video’s NSFW, but it’s Friday.

For your own artistic nudism:

Uncut Diamond is out 2/15 via Partisan. Duncan’s collaborated with Bear In Heaven’s Joe Stickney along with Oren Ambarchi, Chris Bear, Tortoise’s Doug McCombs, etc. All work as decent aesthetic touchstones for Warm Ghost’s sound.

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  1. I’ve posted pictures from the making of this music video here…


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