Bright Eyes - The People's Key

This morning we pointed you in the direction of 30-second samples of The People’s Key. Here’s track five “Haile Selassie” in full. The title’s the name of the the longtime Ethiopian Emperor. Oberst on African history:

(Via Spinner)

The People’s Key is out 2/15 via Saddle Creek.

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  1. This is a good song.

  2. better than i thought it would be

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  4. Now this is the Conor I know and love. I like this quite a bit.

  5. don’t feel like listening to this, someone tell me whether or not its conor oberst doing a reggae song

  6. Good, though it sounds more like an evolution of his Desaparecidos’ days.

  7. Really interesting departure, although not instantly listenable for me.

  8. album just leaked

    • Very different, but I think it’s a grower. Also is the album conceptual? There is a constant up bringing of time portals and the future it’s very scifi like.

  9. Who is super curious to know the backstory to this song/lyrics. When and how did Conor get introduced to Selassie?

    Because the coolest people I know are musicians, DJs, and music lovers.

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