Glee Season 2

Nick Zinner is going to be spinning in the coffin he sleeps in after he feeds when he hears this. It’s Glee’s mix of “Heads Will Roll” and “Thriller,” which will appear in the show’s Super Bowl episode. That episode airs after the Super Bowl on Fox, because the lead-in audience potential is huge, obviously. Listen:

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  1. who okayed this?

  2. I still can’t figure out what possessed me to hit the play button.
    Oh! my poor ears. :(

  3. I’m thinking Nick, Karen, and Brian okayed this being that they all wrote the song and I’m guessing they retain the rights for it.

  4. why would you guys even post this? so ridiculous.

  5. Glee has some good stuff, but these particularly MJ and Yeah Yeah Yeahs cuts are better off left by themselves. Hats off to them for trying, they even tried to get a little Lonely Island bridge going on.

  6. Great, now i’ll have to listen to kids at school singing Heads Will Roll while having no idea who the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are. THANK YOU GLEE

  7. This version of Thriller is way better than MJ’s
    I’m a huge fan of Micheal Jackson and i’m 10
    And i’m the BIGGEST glee fan ever
    This song was perfect for them.

  8. Awww how can we argue with that? They’re ten years old. Cuuuute. Now go get a Yeah Yeah Yeahs album.

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