Beavis And Butt-head

Last year MTV mentioned that new episodes of Beavis and Butt-head were in the works, but there was no premiere announced, and creator Mike Judge had no comment. But MTV officially announced the show would be part of their summer lineup yesterday during their new programming presentation. Very exciting! Even Justin Beiber is stoked, because I think he was conceived during an episode.

Beavis and Butt-head (along with 120 Minutes) played a big part in my music discovery in middle school. Maybe they played a part in your formative years as well? Here’s some of their best commentary on the Flaming Lips, Sonic Youth, Pavement, Radiohead, Kate Bush, PJ Harvey, etc. I don’t know what the new Beavis and Butt-head will be like — I’m guessing there’ll be a lot of Jersey Shore watching, but I’m also hoping it’ll be a place to catch new indie rock videos. And be told how much they suck.

“Uh-oh, I think this is college music”

“Only it’s a bunch of white guys, and white music.”

“If you’re going to be horrible, at least, like, kick ass, like, you know, Jesus Lizard. They suck but they kick ass.”

“Maybe she’s like, counting how many times she’s done it.”

“Who’s this fartknocker anyway?”

“These guys sound pretty good for having a monkey on guitar.”

“I think I’ll go put on a stupid dork outfit, and go dance like a wuss for a while.”

“They look like butt monkeys.”

“Buncha rich kid sissy boys prancing around on a boat.”

“What the hell language is he speaking?”

“She’s looks nice when she’s dressed up.”

“All right, golf! I’m up for this.”

“Bug spray rules.”

“Just because we have to sit through this crap doesn’t mean she can too.”

“You don’t just hear a band, you see them too!”

“Whooooaaaaaahhhhhhhh….oooohhhh, no.”


“This song is so good they had to do it twice.”

“Damn it, Beavis, you’re not from Compton. You’re a white wussy from right here…You’ve never been to Compton, you’re never gonna go to Compton, you’re gonna be here for the rest of your life, you’re stupid, you don’t have any money, and you’re never gonna score.”

“That guy’s got a cool smile.”

“The guy with the best nads gets his armpit licked.”

“What the hell is this crap?”

What videos would you like to see on the new Beavis and Butt-head? I think they’d have funny things to say about “Mansard Roof.”

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  1. Awesome! I hope it doesn’t suck like when Spike brought back Ren & Stimpy.

  2. Stereogum. I love you for this post. So much. I too hope this new season doesn’t suck.

  3. “Buncha rich kid sissy boys prancing around on a boat.” Such a big LOL.

    I think they’d be pretty into that HEALTH clip from last year.

  4. I totally fell for your misleading headline — this isn’t Beavis and Butthead’s “best” commentary, it’s their commentary on videos that fit with the Stereogum demographic. While you include the Wax video (a classic), you’re missing some of the better metal commentaries like Pantera’s “This Love” and Danzig’s “Mother”, their appreciation for Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice”, and some of the crappier videos from the likes of Michael Bolton.

  5. The Plasmatics – The Damned:

    Butthead: This video has, like, explosions, like, half-naked chicks…
    Beavis: FIRE
    Butthead: TVs getting smashed, screaming. It’s got something for everyone.

  6. Butt-head: “Hey uncle charlie seems like alot of work to me.. Hey uncle charlie I think me and chip are gonna go dance around like a bunch of dorks”

    Couldn’t stop laughing… classic stuff.

  7. Wheres the Scat Man?

  8. It took until 2011 for this post to happen? Well, it’s about damn time internet.

    • I kind of like that it took so long for this to happen. Mostly I think it’s because the DVD releases of Beavis & Butthead don’t include all of the video commentary, which leads to a more difficult internet-preservation (thank the gods). And so it makes them feel more special and of the time when it really did happen.

      And though I say that, I am happy that this post exists as well because truthfully I’d forgotten most of these funny moments, and this little internet preservation is giving me lots of happiness. Thank the gods for internet preservation!

  9. Stereogum (and Internet) commentators, look upon [their] works, ye mighty, and despair! I know that I do.

    Oh that death rock boy and his endless drags certainly had his moments.

  10. I was hoping to find the Color Me Badd video in which B&B comment on Snow, George Michael, and Kenny G being in the same band.

  11. it is impossible for beavis n butthead to SUCK, IM POSS I BULL:) cant fucking wait!

  12. Wow, they were so mean to Kate Bush -,_ -

  13. Does anyone else remember the music video commentary where someone goes into a pay phone booth, and Beavis & Butthead go into this whole spoof of the long distance commercials that were all over TV at the time? You know, the ones that were along the lines of “you know, you could be saving more on your long distance…” “yeah, people are always talking about savings, but I just don’t see it.” If so, it would be great to see that one again. I can’t remember the video to save my life, but I still remember my ribcage nearly bursting open from laughing so hard.

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