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UPDATE: Might as well do a Kevin then-and-now…


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  1. Tylla  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2004 0

    i had to double check with the recent pix of him to make sure that this guy was indeed our favourite dancer…

    what happened to him?

  2. maybe that’s when he was practicing more…classic styles of the dance.

  3. It’s clear to me that he needed to grow that chin strap to keep his hair from flying off. Too little, too late, kev-dog.

  4. astralgirl01  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2004 0

    ewwww… this will be the only time in my life that I say this, but I *gulp* prefer the preppy look to the Backstreet-Boy-chin-strap look.

  5. kelly  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2004 0

    he had a lot more going for him with the brooding model-esque look.

  6. Tylla  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2004 0

    the preppy pic looks like the guy samantha dated on “sex & the city”

  7. Carla  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2004 0

    Holy shit, he’s white! lol

  8. Lindsey  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2004 0

    With the chin strap and the tilted hat, he looks entirely too much like Brian Austin Green for comfort.

  9. cinn  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2004 0

    amazing how good someone looks when they are clean.. yes the crud on the face needs to go bye-bye

  10. Former preppie? Former hottie! Jeeeez, has he gone downhill. Although, I may just have a thing for guys with long hair and no wierd facial growths…

  11. elliefromthablock  |   Posted on Jun 22nd, 2004 0

    wtf happened…he used to be so hot…though he looked like a chick…shit i’d rather nail a chick than brian austin green…no offense to my les-bi sisters, but i think you know what i mean…g’damn!

  12. Brit  |   Posted on Jun 22nd, 2004 0

    Ew! He looks like my ex boyfriend! Yuck! Both pics are truly awful!

  13. joanlouise  |   Posted on Jun 22nd, 2004 0

    hmmm, has Britney been spirited away to LA by her mother? no sign of him when Mrs. Spears was running down photographers, right? maybe the intervention has begun!

  14. Holy shit, he’s white! lol
    Posted by Carla at June 21, 2004 07:01 PM


    Hmm, from Backstreet Boys to…Backstreet Boys. Laddie needs new role models.

  15. detroit  |   Posted on Jun 23rd, 2004 0

    is kevin the guy that she originally cheated on justin with? wasn’t he a back up dancer or something?

    Good Lord, I need a life!

  16. detroit  |   Posted on Jun 23rd, 2004 0

    is kevin the guy that she originally cheated on justin with? wasn’t he a back up dancer or something?

    Good Lord, I need a life!

  17. That side-by-side makes Yasmine Bleeth’s coke bust mugshot look good.

  18. Lindsey  |   Posted on Jun 25th, 2004 0

    Either way you look at it, the boys disgusting..and I agree, Dirtbag is nowhere to be seen when Mrs. Spears is around. Hmm, the tours been cancelled..well Mrs Spears, I’m aware, attends every concert, so maybe she stepped in and said “no hanky panky” in the dressing room, so Brit called the thing off to spend time with this low life. Let’s just hope he doesnt give her a disease.

    Picture number one makes him look like the fag he is, and picture number 2..well how many fags do you know actually get themselves THAT dirty?…every fag I know has got serious STYLE…could this be a cover up? Lets hope the truth comes out before they get married.

  19. Courtney  |   Posted on Jun 28th, 2004 0

    What’s up with that stiff hat look? So sad when the played out “trucker hat” craze turns into the 99 cents store look to make it fresh.

  20. No,Kevin Federline is not the guy she cheated on Justin with. She cheated with the choreographer from her “Dream Within a Dream” tour. His name is Wade Robson.

  21. Danielle  |   Posted on Jul 11th, 2004 0

    WTF happened?

  22. kerri  |   Posted on Jul 14th, 2004 0

    “yeah man.. its all cool, we’re tight” look is not working.. try harder, maybe you’ll look like david beckham er sumtn..

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  24. I LOVE YOU Kevin You are my feivörit

  25. Darnie  |   Posted on Aug 29th, 2006 0

    I Hate That Kevin guy… Im In love with britney… Such big Breasts, WOW!
    I am IN LOVE with Britney! I LOVE u Brit and im gonna sex with u!!!

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