Thurston Moore Responds To Steve Albini

In a Maximumrocknroll GQ interview this past fall Steve Albini called Sonic Youth an embarrassment, saying he considers them friends, but also considers their jump from an indie to DGC in 1990 as a move that fucked things up for other bands then and now. Thurston Moore’s responded in an interview with Spanish newspaper El País: “Steve has opinions based on a myopic point of view which of course does not extend to the manufacturers of his pants.” Moore also mentions Beck, the Black Crowes, and Metallica in the Q&A, so if you know Spanish, feel free to translate and post below.

[Photo by photo Dan Plunkett via Decibel]

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  1. Columbia (university) ≠ Colombia (country)

  2. Thurston says he’s excited for playing in a low key spanish festival where Anthony and the Johnsons and Animal Collective are playing. He is also excited about beck producing his new album where he plays a guitar with 12 strings, and harp and some percussions. He’s also making another album with his wife and Yoko Ono.

  3. It says something like this (i’m not a transalator so i bet there are some mistakes there, but hopes it’s clear enough)… (By the way El País is a spanish paper, not colombian.)

    Is Sonic Youth the most influent band of rock of the last 30 years? Despite of the generalized nod of consent(?), they are not, at least in the point of view of a kamikaze detractor: “Their endorsment for a multinational in 1990 was a bad example, it made music ugly and it made it loss category. tehy should feel embarassed, even though their music has it’s own integrity”. Words of musician and engineer Steve Albini, taliban of the indie and whip of the industry. And Thurston Moore, brain of Sonic Youth, doesn’t seem to get altered, before his double gig as a solo artist in the spanish fest Tanned Tin: ” Steve has his opinions base on a myopic point of view, that for sure doesn’t extend to the manunfacturers of his pants”.

    Moore, head of the fest on its 12th edtion (from 26 to 30), pay his dues: he fell off of his castelonian date in 2010 because some family issues. The festival doesn’t make him feel as a “babysitter in a foreign home” as he said in the festival’s blog. “I was talking about big reunions, with bands like MEtallica or Black Crowes, in which the public are almost in a pic-nic and are not very interested in listening to you. I adore in the other hand the intimacy of festivals that get adventurous and exigent listeners”. The cult quote includes this year pioneers as Faus or Vic Godard. And there’s a known possible prize of the Tanned Tin fest: to see debuting in Spain bands not so well known that lately become for example, Animal Collective, or Antony and the Johnsons”

    A 12 chords accoustic guitar and the songs of his inminent third album of his own, produced by Beck, will be the setlist for one of his two shows; ” The album will be called demolished thoughts, and listening Beck adding his sound and arrangements has melt my heart. Is kind of a minimalist: There would be harp and some contrabass and percusion”. It’s no surprise this step away from chaotic noise trademark of the artist. latest records from sonic youth as well as those form Mooer practiced the concision or the calmness.

    More shocking is his good sintony with his new partner, if you rescue in the internet his first meeting, an interview from Moore to BEck in the MTV in 1994: the steel nervs form the first before the bad behaviour of the second, little genius emerging with his great hit Loser. ” He has changed while his audience grew, and is probable he continues to do it. He now seems happy as a producer.”

    Moore will show another face on Castellon: “Noisy and electric improvisation. I’m researching and archiving files from free jazz, free improv, and avant-garde jazz. As soul music it guides me to a place where i can trust on the purity of art”

    HThe experimental and avant-garde pule from SY and Moore are drived mostly in their respective labels, SYR and Ecstatic Peace! And after the soundtrack of a french film, he will reach a high peak with a trio record with Yoko Ono, of which he doesn’t say a thing; ” Kim Gorden (wife and bandmate), Yoko and me will record it last days of February” is all that he says. His relationship qith the japanese artist goes from a tribute song registered in the 90′s by Moore to a book from her that transformed to a kite, published by the editorial line of Ecstatic Peace! A book/album of Moore, that included poesy and art as well as music, won’t see the light finally: “I prefer to keep my feet grounded” That doesn’t means that he is not indignated about not seeing the exhibition about their bounds with the art world, Sonic Youth etc… Sensational Fix, in the USA: ” It has been in all Europe, but nobody wants to exhibit it in NY, our city”. In its Madrid opening Enrique Morente played with Lee Ranaldo and Steve Shelley, two other members of the band. ” Enrique, wasn not only a genius, he loved everything that concerned beauty and mistery”.

    • Thanks, Miguel. Appreciated.

      Also, there’s a paper of the same name in Colombia. This is what I get for only reading USA Today. Just updated.

  4. Queen bee and her pals are not to blame…

  5. Check out my interview with Albini, where he describes the context of the GQ story.

  6. Albini is a calculating douche. Bands are to blame for continuing to validate his intentionally poor engineering skills by giving him money to record their music. He is laughing at all of you. He is purposely trying to do a bad job just to see how far he can take it. It’s like an art project. This is all a fake persona, didn’t you know? I can’t wait until the truth comes out and bands finally realize that they are the butt of this elaborate joke.

  7. pretty lousy argument, if you buy labeled products you might as well sell your music as one.
    albini proves a point comparing the before major label and after major label music of SY.

  8. Sonic Youth? They’re a long, long way from their heyday and relevancy (i.e.: mid-80′s “Evol”, “Bad Moon Rising”, etc.). Does anybody actually listen to their incessant noodling anymore? Zzzzz….

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