The Strokes Under The Cover Of Fire

You heard the 30-second sample of “Under The Cover Of Darkness,” now you can hear the entire track, below. It’s the first taste from the Strokes upcoming Angles. To me it sounds like the “classic” Strokes sound they promised. Listen:

Go to The Strokes’ website for the download. Angles is out 3/22 via RCA. “Under Cover Of Darkness” is available via iTunes/Amazon 2/11.

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  1. Like a fresh angle on the classic sound. Love the guitar work throughout.

  2. three thumbs up!

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  4. I thought they were gonna bust into “Angel of Harlem” for a minute there..

  5. Harmonies? That’s new.

  6. Poppier and sunnier, but i really really fucking dig it

  7. The instrumentation feels way too busy for me. I don’t hate it, but I’ll need to hear more.

  8. It maybe could have been mixed better, but that’s a small complaint. This still sounds like the best Strokes tune since 2003.

  9. Dig the harmonies. And yes, definitely poppier.

  10. Can’t find the download on the website, anyone?

  11. The guitar is very 80′s metal/NES game soundtrack. But not in a bad way.

    I know they tried to integrate more metal-y guitar shit on their last album, with disastrous results.
    This is what they SHOULD have done.

    Very happy with this.

  12. This is surprisingly great. I’ll second that best since 2003 comment… maybe even go so far as to throw a 2001 out there.

  13. Wow that sounds rough! This sounds like it was recorded in a garden shed. The actual download is a world apart from this

  14. Listened to it 4 times, then listened to Room On Fire through and through, then listened to this song again then came to the conclusion that this is the best thing they’ve put out since Is This It.

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    • haha you know what All American Rejects sound like

    • I think you are exactly right. Julian should stay in a lower register. When he sings higher like this he doesn’t play to his strengths and sounds like he’s about to pass out. And the chorus does sound like some pop punk kind of thing. Not as cool as earlier Strokes music. I am still anticipating the album, but this song isn’t making me feel too hopeful. We shall see.

  16. It’s still a little early, but it’s great to see a band get their stride back.

  17. Anything is better than their last album.

  18. That recording sounds different then the download. The chorus is rougher, though not as sexy and dirty as the past, probably their most mainstream song they’ve down. Love the 47 second mark, sounds like a Motown song!

  19. Still great. Looking forward to the album, fo sho!

  20. Those of you who think this is their best song since 2003 clearly have not heard “You Only Live Once.”

    • totally agree. . .YOLO is my favorite strokes song. more than anything off of Is this it. first impressions I think was unfairly maligned. there’s one or two weak tracks and it’s a little long, but on the whole it’s at least as good as room on fire. room on fire was sort of tossed off. this new song does sound a little busy tho. that’s true.

      • It’s probably my favorite, too, although I have a lot of love for “Automatic Stop,” “Under Control” and “Take it or Leave it.” YOLO is them doing what they do best. It’s The Strokes in a nutshell. I completely agree with you on First Impressions being unfairly maligned. One of the great misreadings of an album of the last decade. It’s got some really great stuff on it.

  21. ddogdunit  |   Posted on Feb 10th, 2011 -2

    yes, not their best song since 2003. please.

    i ALSO second the all american rejects comment. that’s EXACTLY what the chorus sounds like, some boring cookie cutter crap, i expect something better from them than that. the rest of the song is quite good though.

    • You can’t compare something to All American Rejects without listening to All American Reject, therefore: you lose.

      • Youre such an idiot. I don’t like Lady Gaga but I hear her songs every fucking day. Sorry we don’t live in our blacked out rooms listening to Neil Simon’s After the Goldrush on vinyl for six months straight. Don’t be oblivious

        • (You’re making me do this)

          Neil Simon is an American playwright (Barefoot In The Park, The Odd Couple), Neil Young is a Canadian songwriter (After The Goldrush, which, yes, I do own on vinyl. It’s great).

          I know you probably didn’t mean it, but you can’t throw these softballs. If you call someone an idiot, read what you write before you post it.

    • i think you’re tone deaf or just stupid. Probably both

  22. Anyone else hear a definite Phoenix influence in the guitar work?

  23. Did you ever think that Albert Hammond Jr. and Nick Valensi could have majorly influenced the guys from Phoenix? “Is this it?” (2001) and “Room on Fire” (2003) had some great guitar work; “First Impressions of Earth” (2006) also had its moments. I feel like a shit-ton of bands have tried to emulate the modern “dual-lead” thing…I think Phoenix is definitely one of them. Part of the reason why they blew up.

    • exactly… I like Phoenix, but those are just less druggy, sugar coated Strokes songs

      • phoenix definitely sound like the strokes as produced by air, and I love both those bands, but wolfgang amadeus phoenix is better by far than any album either of them have made. Totally derivative, but it is just perfection in that effortless-sounding way almost no band ever reaches.

        • well, i’m sure pheonix is a big fan of the strokes. there was a video of them meeting julian in their trailer or something. i forget. so yeah.

          • There’s been a longstanding Strokes/Coppola connection. Sophia Coppola did an Air video, and has used Air and Phoenix in her movies, as well as The Strokes. She’s Phoenix’s singer’s baby momma. Her brother Roman did the videos for all the Is This It songs. The idea that they know each other should be no surprise. But just listen to the Phoenix album, It’s Never Been Like That and it’s obvious that there’s a musical connection, too.

          • I don’t know, both bands started pretty much around the time. The Strokes “being a big influence” on Phoenix seems a bit far fetched. They’re contemporaries that might just be drawing on the same influences.

            I would say that the verses on this one are poppier and “Phoenix” sounding. Two sides of the same coin, is Phoenix the poppy Strokes or are Strokes the edgy Phoenix? I guess who cares, really?

          • both bands did start around the same time, but Phoenix’s first albums sound more dancey and “Air” like. IMO, Phoenix didn’t develop their Strokes-ish sound until “It’s Never Been Like That,” which was released in 2006.

    • You must read my blurb above — Phoenix existed before The Strokes… Their debut ‘United’ came out before the Strokes came to the World…

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  25. Wouldn’t call it uninspired at all; they’re experimenting with the new things like stacking vocal parts (first harmonies I’ve ever heard on a Strokes song), and playing with more intricate guitar lead lines. At the core, its still a lo-fi recording, but there are differences that distinguish this song from past strokes material. Going back to what made them great has actually inspired them to further expand their sound.

  26. could have been about a minute shorter, but sounds promising. let’s hope the rest of the album isn’t cluttered with sub par garbage like the last one.

  27. people will complain either way. if it sounds like their old sound then it turns into “regurgitate the same uninspired sound.” if its a new and adventurous sound then it becomes terrible and people want them to sound like they did on their earlier albums

    • Welcome to Interpol’s life.

      • The problem isn’t that their sounds progressed, it’s that in the progression they sometimes forgot to keep making good melodies. I’m confident that if Interpol had released an album of “Memory Serves” and The Strokes had a full album of “YOLO” people wouldn’t be complaining (at least as much) – those songs were evolved AND actually good. And for the record, I thought FIOE was pretty great, just had to lose a few tracks.

  28. Aldos Snow??

  29. Not getting the hate for the chorus. It’s fantasically melodic, and The Strokes showed in Is This It? that melody is one of their strengths. It’s quite an understated melody, but still seem’s pretty big and singalongable.

  30. i agree with both. i can see an aar chorus melody similarity a little bit, but only because they both write melodies that could be considered “catchy”. the verse sounds like “classic strokes”, kinda when that extra guitar drops out and just leaves the cleaner rhythm one in the back. that guitar line that answers casablancas in the verse feels like too much guitar. it makes me wonder if maybe albert (or nick) wanted to contribute more, and casablancas let that in for that reason, where he otherwise wouldn’t have. that guitar line seems like the chief problem of “overcrowding” to me.

  31. all this comments sound like:
    ‘yeah.. i’m not that disappointed, it sounds kinda … , but most of all i’m not saying shit because that’s what you expect me to…’
    and, hey men.. that metal-y guitar sounds like a tiny fart.. even lighter..
    i don’t like it.. i don’t know.. maybe tomorrow.

  32. I think we can all agree its not bad just because its the strokes, but its definitely not up to par with everything else they have done. I still dont get why everyone hates album #3, but this single at least lacks any of the “cool” that you get from any of their other stuff.

    That chorus is not a strokes chorus at all though, as long as they’ve been out of it though they kind of need a big dumb chorus like that I suppose.

  33. im too busy enjoying the pure awesomeness of this song that i dont have time to debate over wether it is better/worse than there previous work…take it for what it is: a great song by a band we weren’t sure could or wanted to make great songs anymore.

  34. So the intro is really good but the little circus-y guitar line in the first verse is so ridiculously corny.
    The Chorus redeems the entire song though, just incredible.

  35. I think my ears just jizzed Mmm. . . :)

  36. The song is cacthy, sounds like garage with inspiration from 65.. amazing solo in the end with guitar and the drums simple cover ” .. I’ve never been tottaly glad for The Strokes. But this new single makes them more original. I love how organic it sounds.

    can’t wait for more .

    • I don’t mean to be a troll. But ‘organic’? This makes them more original? Really? Hipster? No nothing know it all? It’s a great song! It’s really on point with prior strokes ‘feel’. Catchy riff, cascading rhythms, even some harmonizing. Love it. Not really catching the ‘organic sound’ though please divulge…

  37. This song is growing on me.

  38. First Impressions of Earth is soon to be the new Pinkerton.

    • Did anyone else read this as

      “First Impressions of Earth is soon to be the new Pokemon.”

      I was excited then disappointed

    • You’re forgetting that Pinkerton was super good.

      • Way to pick up on me subtly implying that First Impressions of Earth is also super good – it’s just not cool to like it yet. Don’t worry, man, you’ll figure it out in five years.

        • Five years after Pinkerton, Weezer’s popularity had already skyrocketed, they reunited, and put out a super mediocre comeback record. Five years after First Impressions Of Earth, people are still pretty indifferent about it.

  39. My point exactly. Pinkerton didn’t even go gold until after The Green Album was released. When Angles comes out, and it’s super mediocre, fans will go back to First Impressions of Earth and say, “Hey, this is actually pretty solid.” As I previously stated, First Impressions of Earth is soon to be the new Pinkerton.

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