Joy Division Paymobil

Hey, here’s Joy Division’s televised 1979 John Peel: In Session Tonight’s performance of “Transmission” as recreated with Playmobil toys and stop motion. Ian smiles more than usual.


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  1. Immense! All they need is a playmobil bass and it’d be perfect!

  2. This isn’t from Peel Sessions, it was from the TV show Tony Wilson hosted.

  3. No, I think you’re right, Alan. The original performance is from another BBC program called “Something Else,” hosted by Tony Wilson. Looks like at some point the original footage — seen here: — was rebroadcast under the John Peel In Sessions banner, which is what the German guy used for the basis of his stop-motion animation piece. Regardless of origin, this Playmobil translation is amazing.

  4. pointless

  5. Careful, Playmobil Joy Division! A one-year-old who gets his little hands on that band will tear them apart…again.


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