D'arcy Mug Shot TMZ

Here’s something unusual. TMZ reports that former Smashing Pumpkins bassist D’arcy Wretzky is in jail in Michigan because several horses from her farm broke out and ran around the town. Neighbors called the cops, and she was ticketed for “Animals Running at Large.” That was back in 2009. She didn’t pay the ticket and missed four court dates about the ticket afterward, leading to a bench warrant. She was put in jail on Tuesday but will be released next week, 2/14. The most unusual part of this story is Wretzky’s mug shot. She looks pretty rough, which I guessed was from trying to round up her loose horses. Then I saw that the incident happened two years ago. Back in 2009 she called Q101 out of the blue to tell them about what she’d be up to, and she mentioned that she stopped playing in bands because she wasn’t “healthy” enough for it. That mug shot is a lot different from how I remembered her in the band: distant and mysterious and very pretty. Here’s a 1994 interview with her (conducted by Billy Corgan):

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  1. Don’t do drugs, kids.

  2. Horses run once in a while for D’arcy.

  3. meth is a hell of a drug.

  4. she’ve moustache!!! U____U

  5. You know I was just thinking, a day after seeing that mugshot all over the internet. Many people, myself included, seem to think that mugshot is from 2009. Well, she wouldn’t have been arrested then, just issued a ticket. That mugshot is from last week!! Hit the wall hard, eh? Well at least she’s not fat.

  6. What happened to her mouth?

    • Plastic Surgery FAIL!!!!!

      So sad to see a member of one of my preferred bands completely fade into irrelevance.

      One more strike to my hopes to see a full SP reunion. She’s in no shape.

  7. She’s so shy in that interview that it’s almost frustrating to watch.

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