Radiohead - The King Of Limbs

Between this and Arcade Fire confounding Grammys viewers last night, this should be a fun music-industry-shop-talk day. That’s right, Radiohead, kings of the “It’s up to you, no really it’s up to you” pricing/quick-release album model, are once again quick releasing an LP. This time, however, the price is very much fixed, and so gone is the In Rainbows fan-valuation experiment. The King Of Limbs, Radiohead’s eight LP, is out in digital form this Saturday (MP3s for $9, WAV for $14). If you want something physical and collectible, the other option is “the world’s first Newspaper Album,” which is a package containing the record on two clear vinyl LPs and 625 pieces of art work, and The King on CD, all shipped to you on May 9th, with access to the digital versions at the same time as everyone else. ($48 for the MP3 version, $53 for WAV.) Pre-order the record at

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  1. This is happy good news. I am liking to hear this!

  2. What?! YES!!

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  4. yeah honsetly

  5. Hooooooly sheeeeiiiiiiittt!!!! Been waiting on this since 10/10/07.

  6. I love waking up and finding out I will have new Radiohead in the near future

  7. I’d like to point out that the’ first ever newspaper album’ was obviously JETHRO TULL’s THICK AS A BRICK, which came with a full newspapers of fake stories. You’d think Radiohead would know that.

    • woozefa  |   Posted on Feb 14th, 2011 +7

      if you go to the site, there’s an asterisk next to ‘first’ noting that perhaps it is. so they’re acknowledging it.

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    • This Radiohead thing makes some good musics, or so I have heard. I like to listen to it often.

      But seriously: The constant ranting about “RADIOHEAD IS NOT THE BEST BAND EVER!!! BUT THEY ARE GOOD!! RAAARRRRRGGHHH!!!” gets quite old. Just accept that they’re an excellent band and, whether or not they’re “THE BEST BAND EVER!” they just seem to be one band that has very wide appeal and impresses a lot of people with their talent and artistic integrity.

      • I enjoy Radiohead albums.. Now I don’t think they are the best band ever but I am totally looking forward to this album!

      • Obviously there are fans of all kinds of music. Everyone has their own favorite band. Radiohead happens to be mine. BEST. BAND. EVAR!!!11!!!

      • haha, I dig me some radiohead, i don’t think they have made a bad album. I just get tired of the fervent obsessive screaming from radio heads that we saw when In Rainbows came out, every week just radiohead, radiohead, radiohead. I think if those fans, regardless of bands, are so annoying. Get it with Animal collective also… I will be looking forward to this album the day it comes out, and expect great things.

  9. very eloquent praise from a man who calls himself baboon cock.
    and a new Radiohead album is ALWAYS cause for celebration:) Except Amnesiac.

    • Amnesiac was amazing.

      • in retrospect it’s still head and shoulders above most bands finest work…but it was still a bit of a disappointment coming on the heels of OK Computer and Kid A, IMHO

        • With all sincerity, I believe Amnesiac is a far better album than Kid A. It was just in its wake, so it didn’t have as big of an impact. But song-for-song, I’ll take Amnesiac ANY day.

          • I agree, with the exception that I think it is *slightly* better, rather than *far* better.

            I have very similar feelings about Mum’s first two albums. Having listened to “Yesterday Was Dramatic, Today is OK” and “Finally We Are No One” for the first time years after both were released, I enjoyed “Finally We Are No One” more and was surprised “Yesterday” got so much better reviews, but looking back, I’m convinced the fact that “Yesterday” was released first greatly impacted its reception.

    • I found “Hail to the Thief” to be their only disappointing album thus far. I love “Amnesiac,” I think its critical reception has mostly suffered just due to the fact that it came after “Kid A” and, thus, was not and could not be as groundbreaking and fresh-sounding. The relatively lukewarm esteem it is held in, imho, is more about the cultural context than the actual music.

      • Give HTTT another shot. Shit’s fantastic through-and-through.

        • I most likely will, though I have done so several times already. But maybe there’s still a chance it’ll click with me next time … I know I enjoy a few songs on it, but overall I have a difficult time stomaching most of the album.

    • amnesiac is the best radiohead album

    • Amnesiac lovers gave me many thumbs down :(

  10. Am I the only one that had no idea Radiohead was prepping an LP release so soon?

  11. wooooo0o0o0o0o0oo0o0t

  12. Best news I’ve heard all day. Yes!

  13. I don’t know what a Newspaper Album is, but I want it.

  14. This is a Valentine’s Day gift from Radiohead to us fans!

    I LOVE YOU TOO RADIOHEAD!!! !! ! ! !

  15. Holy fudge. This is the best thing that could have happened to me today.

  16. A lot of dumb haters in this thread. Fuck you. Radiohead is cool. Happy V-Day. Bring on the album.

  17. yay! another best album of a decade!

  18. Just pre-ordered the newspaper album.

  19. I for one look forward to the slew of Radiohead-related Facebook statuses that will ensue… LIKE LIKE LIKE

  20. Will it be all good if we preorder from the British site?

  21. Best part of this album is that Cthulu the dark lord of the underworld is on the album cover.

  22. i fear radiohead’s most potent work is behind them…In Rainbows for me was a big let down…it veered into a staid ‘adult contemporary’ far too many times, with little vitality or urgency of previous works. It was the sound of the band mellowing, but not in a good way imho….maybe this record will bring some of that spark back, but i fear not…Amnesiac is an amazing, paranoid pre-apocalyptic record that will always be special for me…

    • “adult contemporary???” are you sure you didn’t accidentally download some mislabeled kenny g?

    • I know what you mean on House of Cards, Faust Arp, and Nude to a certain extent, and All I Need isn’t exactly adult contemporary, more like mainstream indie, like Arcade Fire or the National or something (not that I don’t like that song). But 15 Step, Bodysnatchers, Weird Fishes, and Reckoner classics worthy of any high point in their career.

      That said I’d share your sentiment if you wanted an album of Paranoid Androids, National Anthems, I Might Be Wrongs, and Paperbag Writers. I’m hopeful because These Are My Twisted Words and Atoms for Peace are both crazy experimental hypnotic fast tempo masterpieces. Hopefully Thom didn’t get it all out of his system.

      • You realize the huge leap you made with the phrase “mainstream indie” right?

        In Rainbows may be much more mellow than the rest of their 2000′s work, but by no means was it anything less than a Radiohead Album. Good bands produce variations of the same good music. Great bands evolve their sound. Legendary bands make amazing music, give it away for free, completely change their sound each album and don’t give a f**k what people think about it except for the people in the band. In Rainbows is different than Kid A because they are a different band, if you want them to keep on making Kid A, then that’s when Radiohead stops being the amazing musicians they are. I guarantee you that this album will sound nothing like any of their albums before it, just like all the other albums before In Rainbows didn’t sound like the album before it. With the exception of Kid A/ Amnesiac, but there is a good reason for that, because they came from the same studio sessions.

  23. Radiohead is so thoughtful.

    They know that if they announce a new album more than 5 days before release that I’ll drown on my own froth.

  24. Thank you, stereogum readers, for not having the comments turn into a bunch of whining about $9 being too much money and claiming that Radiohead has “betrayed” their fans by not having a pay-what-you-want model. The rest of the internet seems to be acting like children.

    When did $9 for an album turn into something to complain about?

  25. £6 on a Radiohead album, how could anyone complain? Spend more than that in your local take away/fast food joint! This is Radiohead!!!

  26. Great week for music we have brewing here!

  27. Anyone care to speculate over what time this album will be released? I’m strongly hoping by Saturday they mean 12 AM Greenwich Time Saturday – meaning I’ll hear it 6 PM Friday.

    • I would also like an answer to this.

    • If I remember correctly, the In Rainbows download came out around 8 or 10 am GMT. Don’t get your hopes up for midnight. I think Radiohead want you to get a normal night’s sleep. Or do get your hopes up and have an all night release party!

  28. Lookin’ forward to put my ear on this!

  29. Can’t wait to do my own listen and review!

  30. Oh hell yeah! Radiohead can do no wrong! Everything they touch turns to gold. This is the best new music news this year!

  31. Amnesiac is way beyond what most artists are capable of making but I’m finding some of the comments in this thread freaking ridiculous. “Best Radiohead album?” Uhmmm… no. Not even freaking close. Calling Amnesiac Radiohead’s best album does a disservice to their other much more cohesive & polished albums. It’s a glorified B-Sides, for godsakes.

    To set the record straight, Kid A > Amnesiac. “Everything In Its Right Place, “The National Anthem” & “Idioteque” are better than anything off of Amnesiac. Fact.

    • C’mon, it’s much more than a set of glorified b-sides. I love the album, and I can see why a lot of people wouldn’t take it over OK Computer. But honestly, over the years, it remains there deepest, most emotional work in my eyes. Kid A is amazing, a sonic journey and all that. But it’s kind of become a little sterile for me. Maybe just because I’ve listened to it a ton, I don’t know. But Pyramid Song, You And Whose Army, Spinning Plates, and Life in a Glasshouse all still give me chills.

    • Oh, and kind of related, you should check out the actual b-sides from the Kid A/Amnesiac days. Worrywort and Cuttooth are crazy good.

    • absolutely. When I first listened to it, I hated it. Years later, I appreciated it. Now I find it mildly good, with some great elements. Buts its completely ridiculous and dodgy to overpraise it. Its not as fantastic as In Rainbows, The Bends, Kid A or OK Computer which are their absolute best work. But non musical people will continue to post stupid comments on stereogum about its value above other said stellar records. And people will continue to be stupid, so love them anyway.

  32. Non musical?

  33. its out a day early, with video…get on it stereogum…hire me….i write for the austin chronicle

    Lotus Flower


    01 Bloom
    02 Morning Mr. Magpie
    03 Little By Little
    04 Feral
    05 Lotus Flower
    06 Codex
    07 Give Up The Ghost
    08 Seperator

  34. Listening to the WAVs this very moment on noise-canceling earbuds. Highly recommended.

  35. They’re most likely playing their first concert of 2011 tonight in Tokyo.

    • I think they already finished the east coast leg of their U.S. tour.

      • No, they haven’t played a show since their Haiti benefit in Hollywood. Thom did do a mini-set with Johnny at Glasto but other than those 2 shows, they haven’t played since their In Rainbows tour which closed with the Reading Fest in 2009

  36. Yes! Download offered a day early. I’m gonna wait til I get home from school to listen, perfect way to get through my 4 hour flight!

  37. Please don’t post links to your own blog where the information is exactly the same as the album pre-order page, and the Stereogum article that we all just read… just drawn in much longer sentences.

    I understand getting jollies from watching your blog hit counter go up… but surely there’s a better way?

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