Hewlitt Packard Bastardizes Lou Reed

Since the Grammys got tasteful for Album Of The Year, it was up to the commercials to pack the crass. Cue Hewlitt Packard, who had their way with Lou Reed’s “Walk On The Wild Side,” thereby managing to perform the pop cultural miracle of making Marky Mark feel like high art, in one minute no less.

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  1. Stereogum says, “We’re so upset with HP that we’re going to give them more coverage and even repost their ad.” Brilliant.

  2. I will now always associate HP with prostitution, transsexual prostitution, anonymous oral sex, and heroin. I think I’ll double glove the next time I have to change the toner on my printer. Nice job, guys!

  3. I’m guessing you guys have never seen Lou Reed’s 80s commercial for Honda scooters. Youtube it and you won’t give a shit about this commercial.

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