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Here’s hoping this comes up during their Colbert Report appearance tonight: By now you’ve probably heard about or experienced firsthand the frustrations of trying to purchase tickets to LCD Soundsystem’s last show ever at Madison Square Garden in April. There was a pre-sale and in-person sale, both left out many fans looking to get a jump on the general Ticketmaster sale. Then the tickets starting appearing on Stubhub, for up to a couple thousand dollars (Ebay has a pair for over $2,400). On Friday LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy put a lengthy post on the LCD Soundsystem website about the situation. It gets intense.

Murphy begins by apologizing for the ticketing fiasco around their April 2nd show. He mentions how he didn’t even expect the show to sell out, let alone to have scalpers snatch up thousands of tickets for resale. Then he ends by announcing that the band will do five shows at Terminal 5 leading up to the MSG show. His reasons and conclusion:

i just want to give people who actually want to see us a chance to see us. for a reasonable ticket price. and i want to drop the price of the MSG tickets being sold by piece of shit scalpers.
oh—and a small thing to scalpers: “it’s legal” is what people say when they don’t have ethics. the law is there to set the LIMIT of what is PUNISHABLE (aka where the state needs to intervene) but we are supposed to have ethics, and that should be the primary guiding force in our actions, you fucking fuck.
and to everyone else: thank you. you rule. don’t let the shitbags win.

Murphy even got into an argument via Twitter with whatever marketing person runs Stubhub’s Twitter account:

James Murphy Vs Stubhub-04

James Murphy Vs Stubhub-03

James Murphy Vs Stubhub-01

James Murphy Vs Stubhub-02

Ticket sales haven’t started yet for LCD Soundsystem’s Terminal 5 shows, but Murphy says it’ll be sometime this week.

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  1. Oh how I love James Murphy.

  2. Hmmm, now I don’t know if I’d rather go to the MSG show or Term 5… I’m leaning towards the smaller venue (and I saw them there last year, they killed it), but LAST SHOW EVER? Decisions. On another note, thank you James Murphy for standing up to us little folk who actually care about the music.

  3. As a wise man one said: “Ticket scalpers are pieces of shit” – James Murphy.

  4. i guess the only people who actually want to see lcd soundsystem live in new york city. or anywhere close, for that matter.

  5. I love how the Stubhub guy basically won that argument. scalpers still suck though

    • Wait, how did the Stubhub guy win the argument? By pointing out that fans can still buy tickets for $200 “or under” by buying them scalpers for a show that was selling tickets at the box office for $35 or so? $200 for one concert still sounds an awful lot like breaking the fucking bank to me.
      Also, “giving fans the freedom to price tickets however they want”? Huh? Yeah, nice bit of marketing doublespeak, but I’m pretty sure scalpers don’t equate to “fans,” and I can’t say I was ever too worried about scalpers’ “freedom” to charge exorbitant prices for tickets.

    • Also, I hope I don’t sound like I’m being cranky towards you, fellow commenter-person. I’m really just pissed at the StubHub douche. And StubHub.

      However: James Murphy, fuck yeah!

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    • i can assure you that james murphy, a man who would have no problem staying in business and making more albums, is not pissed that he didnt price his tickets high enough. sometimes in this world people care about things other than money. one of those things might be making music and playing for their fans.

      • then maybe he should play free concerts

        • He can’t play free concerts he is under a record contract. $35 is totally doable for a Madison Square Garden show. James Murphy is completely about the fans. It was clearly evident from the front row at the MIlwaukee show I attended. Everyone in the front was getting completely smashed and trampled because the crowd was so crazy and he actually asked everyone to step back a foot so we could breathe. Most artists just don’t even notice. James Murphy is pretty legit.

    • Wow. Clueless.

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