Radiohead 2011

With a new album arriving on Saturday, Radiohead’s getting their press house in order. Part of that is releasing a more recent band photo, which you can see/enjoy, above. They’ve had a lot of black and white press photos before, but this one seemed hilariously old-timey for them. So, I thought we could borrow a franchise from Videogum and write some captions. For instance:

  • “’Anyone Can Play The Penny Whistle’”
  • “Radiohead travel back in time so even Radiohead can be influenced by early Radiohead”
  • “Lady Antebellum”

You get it. Come up with better ones below. In other Radiohead news, the pre-order site for The King Of Limbs is live.

(via At Ease)

[Photo by Sebastian Edge]

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  1. This will be our first pretentious photo of many!

  2. True Grit waits

  3. Stop checking your Twitter and just take the f*cking photo! …why did we hire this guy if all he had was an iPhone?

  4. Radiohead travel back in time, hoping to stop the worlds greatest disaster… the recording of “Pop is Dead”.

  5. We suck Young Blood…

  6. To cast out the spirits of old

  7. I knew these mushrooms were a bad idea……….

  8. The Night They Drove Old Oxford Down

  9. Radiohead is Seeking Kyle!!!…….he’s about this tall

  10. “We’ve gone so far back in time that it actually makes sense Stereogum would premiere a new track by Paul SImon.”

  11. We are tiny.

  12. can Johnny Depp have his Dead Man props back please

  13. Nikola Tesla discovered electromagnetic waves transmission. Named it after us.

  14. Ok Computer out in 1905. No World War.

  15. The King of Tree Limbs

  16. The National Anthem (of the Confederate States)

  17. Is Jonny Greenwood still writing music for There Will Be Blood?

  18. Just another Jack White band.

  19. Radiohead unveil yet another distribution strategy for “King of Limbs” . You must be at least this tall to buy the album.

  20. “For Gemma, A Couple Years Ago”

  21. What a weird looking kitchen.

  22. Hey Thom aren’t you glad we bought these top hats?

  23. No more fake plastic trees and city living, Radiohead go back to basics and nature.


  25. In an attempt to save money, Radiohead use the Hipstamatic on Stanley’s iPhone for all their press photos.

  26. Radiohead continue to innovate, the album is literally a newspaper

  27. Hunting Bears

  28. Ok Abacus.

  29. My Iron Clads.

  30. Phrenological Electro-telegraphy

  31. None shall pass

  32. We Suck Old Blood

  33. Stupid Car(riage)

  34. Mumford & Fathers

  35. Up in the woods, down on our minds

  36. Kid Antebellum

    OK old-timey-adding machine

  37. “In a fast Model T
    I’m saddened that I died
    No airbag saved my life” :(

  38. If you look real close, you can see Rick Danko back there.

  39. OK Blacksmith.

  40. If you go down to the woods today you’re sure for a big surprise

  41. Kid Antiquity

    Confederate Karma Police

  42. Four score and 15 steps ago

  43. Radiohead get lost in Germany after time travelling back to 1942

    (note their arm possessions )

  44. Ed O’Brien’s would only agree to this shoot if he could include his invisible pony “Noodles.”

  45. i hope we don’t get poison ivy

  46. You ain’t from around here, are you, boy?

  47. It wasn’t Radiohead who mastered Time and Space, transporting the band to the late 1800s.

    It was Miley, y’all!

  48. WHO THE F*** ARE THE ARCADE FIRE?!?!?!?!?

  49. “O.K. Cotton Gin”

  50. Ed: “I thought we agreed I’d wear the old hat…”
    Thom: “I thought we agreed you’d keep your mouth shut.”

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