Billy Ray Cyrus, Kurt Cobain Were Bros

After hearing other stories of unlikely run-ins with Kurt Cobain, I’m a little dubious, but it seems like Billy Ray Cyrus’s story checks out. Music Mix found this nugget — about Cyrus and Cobain’s unlikely friendship — inside a long profile about Cyrus in this month’s GQ. It’s really a profile about how Hannah Montana ruined his marriage and about Cyrus’s relationship with his daughter Miley, but all that actually has a lot to do with Cobain:

’I was supposed to go and do another world tour. I said no. I canceled my tour. Kurt Cobain had just died, and that really had an impact on me. He was one of those guys that became a friend to me that I never expected. We met at a venue one night, some big coliseum somewhere—his rig was pulling out and mine was pulling in—and I was standing in the shadows, 1 a.m. in the morning, and he’s ’Hey man, congratulations—you pissed the whole world off.’ We shook hands, and I said, ’Thanks, man… I love what you all do.’ After that, Cobain congratulated him at an awards ceremony when most of his peers did not. ’We crossed paths a couple more times,’ says Cyrus.

Cyrus says Cobain’s death affected him enough and inspired him to settle down. He goes on to show the writer a poem he wrote in a hotel the night he heard Cobain had died. What would he and Cobain have in common (besides music careers in the early nineties)? Cyrus points out that they had their daughters, Francis Bean and Miley, within three months of each other, and they’d talk about being fathers when they saw each other.

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    That’s all I took away, anyhow.

  2. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Miley and Francis were born on the same day in the same hospital and got switched in the nursery?

    I”m gonna go write that screenplay right now!

  3. Just one question, maybe all you Billy Ray fans out there can help clear this one up: what exactly did Billy Ray Cyrus do to piss the whole world off?

    This is all before enabling Hannah Montana, of course, because I know exactly what BRC has done to piss the world off lately.

    • A little ditty called ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ most likely. It pissed me off anyway. I’m still pissed. If you are too young or lucky enough to have never heard it, I’m sure you can find it all too easily on the internets.

      • I’m definitely old enough to know that tune, sadly. And though it made me angry as well, I seem to recall it being a monster hit and the whole world falling in love with it, line dancing to it so long that they lost all geometric perspective and found themselves suddenly in a world of achy breaky cubism.

        Maybe it was that he brought line dancing into the living rooms of America? Which trend Beck thankfully put to bed in the Where It’s At video. All praise be to Beck.

  4. Kurt was likely referring to the backlash (from both the public and critics) that almost immediately followed Achy Breaky Heart’s success. I remember seeing footage of Cyrus holding up an award and saying something like, “This is for everyone who doesn’t like Achy Breaky…” or something like that.

  5. What Billy Ray did was piss off so called “real” country folks like Travis Tritt, who called him a phony.
    In fact I’m pretty sure Billy Ray Cyrus was the first performer on the Grand Ol Opry to wear Nike sneakers.

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