Radiohead - "Lotus Flower" Video

This simple grayscale clip for “Lotus Flower” appeared today, the first from their King Of Limbs LP, and I’m excited by this release of new Thom Yorke dance moves almost as much as I am by the release of new Radiohead music. It features Yorke dancing alone, in black and white, and in garb similar to their press photo. Judging by the moves, stretches, and balances it looks like Yorke’s been doing Bikram yoga and some cross training. He looks very fit (especially for a 150 year old man). The video was directed by Garth Jennings (Blur’s “Coffee & TV,” The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy), with choreography (!) by Wayne McGregor. Watch:

The King Of Limbs is out right now, and we’re having a party about it.

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  1. Once again:

  2. Thom Yorke is Jesus!!! Radiohead is heaven…..

  3. Diese Video ist in Deinem Land nicht verfügbar … This is just plain stupid ans sooooo 20th century. I will not return to a place where I am not welcome. Don’t they see this themselves…?!

  4. HUUUGE Radiohead Fan. What in the world is this? Out of touch much? Jesus. Bad Call Thom. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • afraid i have to comment here, if you are a huge radiohead fan, then you will know from seeing thom whether it be live or on tv, that this is how he dances all the time, it is a man who feels music, reacting to the music….i personaly love it

  5. I fucking love this video.
    The image of an artist breaking loose and pushing himself one step further visually.

  6. Thom Yorke is very, very, very, very, very, very…sexy.

  7. this is never a thing I thought I would see, but now I have

  8. Love, love, love. And I’ll forgive Thom for stealing all of my dance moves.

  9. I hate videos where the lead singer stands in for the whole band. Especially ones that suck. If this was the new Thom Yorke video, I’d say ‘right on par’ . Radiohead can do way better than this. I’d pay zero dollars to download this. In fact I’d pay whatever I had to to ensure I never have to watch this again.

    • the guys from the band don’t really need any reassurance regarding something with such little importance. the real fans of radiohead know them from the beginning, videos is beyond them. the music itself it’s all that matters.

      • Well, my comment wasn’t so much about the band members’ feelings as it was railing against the notion that the lead singer is the only one who matters in a given band. That aside, compared to their video for ‘House of Cards’ this video is just boring…to me. (Obviously I’m in the minority, here) For the record, though, I love all of the music on ‘King of Limbs’. Viva Radiohead

  10. his black swan is very strong

  11. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of Radiohead. This song is no exception, as I honestly thought it was mediocre. Despite this, Thom Yorke’s choreography was deck and I loved the video.

  12. there’s so much expression in the movements, minimalistic but at the same time an intricate experience. i think this video is great, interesting and quite refreshing. so is the song, btw.

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